A Second Chance to Clean up My Life - A Dream

The beginning of the my dream I remember receiving some monies that i was waiting on and I met my sister and brother-n-law at a Winnebago dealer. I told them after purchasing the Winnebago don't go home just get out of town. Don't look back for anything. I told them that I have to go to college where I attend school at and do something. I don't remember what. When I get to the school I looked up in the sky and there was this tide wave come over us. I ran to the nearby building I turn around and just miss getting swallowed up by the water. Other students get caught and I looked in the water there was sharks in the water I told them to watch out there are sharks in the water. I can't remember how I leave the school but the next thing was the earth was burning like a volcano exploded and the lava was running and cover up the whole earth. I kept getting out the way. I ended up in my mother's old house (Mother is dead) and in the house was my sister and my brother-n-law and another sister. The earth was jet black you could see any thing. But in the house was light. My sisters and brother-n-law was talking and I left them an walk to the porch that was on the first of the house. I looked up in the sky. I saw the moon as if it was getting closer to the earth and it was.  It was if I was looking down at the earth, because the earth was bright and beautiful again. The next thing the moon hit the earth and it was like a water splash and the moon fell in the earth and just disappeared inside the earth. I called my sisters and brother-n-law but by the time they get to me it was over and it was jet black again. My sister and broth-n-law went back into the other side of the house I stayed on the porch. I looked up again this time and light was in the sky and a dove came out of the light and was flapping his wings, looked down at me then went back into the light. I called my sisters and brother-n-law again. Again they were to late. They left and went back into the area where they were. I was standing at the door looking into the dark because I thought I saw something. It came into the light it was a little bird I open my left hand and the little bird landed in my palm of my hand. I softly blow air on the bird with my mouth and his little wings started to flap and he was humming. I called to my sisters and brother-n-law and showed them the little bird. One of my sisters was standing next to me and her arm was straight down my her side put her hand was open and another little bird came in and landed in her left hand. She did the same thing I did blow on the bird and his little wings flapping and he began humming.  I woke up and I said Yah (God) is giving us a second chance to clean up our lives. Please help me interpret this dream.

Winifred: United States

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A Second Chance

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