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"God Always Finds a Way"
My Rapture Dream!!

I woke up this morning at precisely 3:30 am, one hour before my alarm for work. I would usually have been mad! But the other day, I was reading scripture that said God shall wake you on his time, not ours! So I awoke from what at first appeared to be a nightmare (it was so spooky), but I now realize it was a Rapture dream. 

It started off as if I was walking to a woman's house whose name was Shelly; she is someone close to my heart, caring for me like a mother for several years. I was walking with someone else, but I can't remember who. Maybe it was my sister, Skye, because she is important to me too. As we got to her house, It appears she has remodeled it completely. It was so out of the ordinary and nothing I could ever imagine her doing, lol. 

Although I'm walking to the same place I have known for the last 6 years, it wasn't the same. The entire living room was nothing but glass; it looked as if her walls were big glass windows. I walk up to the door, and she lets us in. We gather around and enjoy each other's company. There were other people there as well, but I don't recall remembering who they were or if I even know them

A Storm is Coming

We were enjoying the beautiful bright sunny day when her husband, who was away in another state making semi-truck deliveries, called. 

He begins to inform her that there is a storm coming toward our town. and it was the biggest one ever. "Expect a tornado to move through," he said.

She panicked because her beautiful remodeled home was at risk; That's all this woman cared about lol. But we were also panicked because there was nowhere else to shelter ourselves, and of course, we were in the most exposed house on the block. 

Everybody, at this point, knew what was going on, so we all just gathered in the living room to wait, not exactly knowing what to do or if we were going to be safe or not. It was at that moment that I saw a reflection of a very bright light that almost blinded me, shining through the glass window to my left. 

As I turned to see what it was, I noticed that the sun was gone, and the skies had darkened. But where the bright light was shining, there appeared to be a hole in the sky where the clouds were still light blue before the storm, and the sun was right in the middle casting down a sunray of beams in the living room glass walls. They were so bright I should have gone blind. Nobody else could bear to look, but I did and could still see perfectly

It's God, He's Here!

The scene was beautiful. Absolutely the most stunning view I had ever seen in my life. At that moment, I remember saying out loud, "It's God, he's here" "It's him"!!! Everyone looked at me, crazy. All they cared about was what was happening underneath the view of God.  Then I saw that they were staring at the bright beams, but the sun opening had disappeared.

In the distance, I could see what appeared to be a tornado, but in the shape of a wave (not its usual funnel form). Clouds were twirling, Things were flying around in the sky. But there in the background, a huge wave that looked like a tornado appeared.

We all watched as this wave slowly approaches; everyone was silent as we witnessed the end of the world heading right toward us. It was too big for survival.

Suddenly, I wished we were in a car driving away. Before you know it, we were all in a car with the wave pushing us into everything, through a house, yard, and almost into a semi.  Then the car jerked to the right, and we crashed into a building.

Looking for Safety

Nobody had control of the vehicle. The storm was too powerful, it was leading the car itself as if Jesus took the wheel. Once we crashed, we all ran into the nearest building. We were walking around looking for safety, but there was nowhere to hide. 

A woman still in her hospital gown was holding her infant in her arms. She had opened the door to leave when water began to flood the building. So we gathered our group and followed her out of the building. 

We had started walking toward another building when the woman carrying the infant trembled and fell to the ground in tears. She held onto her baby tightly because it had almost slipped out of her hands. Being a parent, I froze in panic mode. 

The mother saved her little baby from landing on the ground. We all watched as she stared at her baby in relief, but the poor little baby was injured and just covered in dirt from head to toe. 

We helped the lady up and continued walking to an abandoned building. It's weird, but the town wasn't flooding, only the building we had left. It was as if we weren't meant to be in that building.

A Ladder and a Train

Then I remember hearing someone shout, "a ladder, let's climb to the roof." But I kept walking because it wasn't the flood following us, it was the wave, and my conscience told me, don't stop, keep moving. 

I remember hearing what sounded like a whisper in the wind; "You'll find your way out, don't stop for anything, keep moving."

Then I saw the train tracks and a little train approaching with only the driver; there were plenty of seats for all of us to get out of that city! I remember two girls and a guy hopping in. But I was frozen as if something stopped me from getting onto the train, and only the three got in.

My fears told me that there was something strange about the driver and that he might try to kill us, which he did. When three of the girls saw that nobody else got in, they all jumped out and came back to us.

When the driver attacked the two girls ducked and rolled, but the guy, unfortunately, landed on his back on a tree stump with his legs mangled. Sadly he was mortally wounded, screaming for help. 

Nobody helped him, though. It would only slow us down in getting away from the storm.

I can't believe it, but I just looked; my body couldn't even move to help him.

So we went back toward the building, and when the wave finally caught up to us, it swept us all with it; then I woke up!

My Conscience was Wrong

I remember waking up thinking, if we had gotten on the train, maybe I would be in heaven. 

But my conscience was wrong, and here I am to tell you guys this story. It made me think about my life and that I'm always making the wrong decisions, but the moral of the story, God always finds a way for me, regardless. Amen.

I hope you enjoyed it

Nevada: United States

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God Always Finds a Way

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