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"Heaven's Grocery Store"

I was walking down life's highway
a long, long time ago. 
One day I saw a sign that read,
As I got a little closer, the door opened wide,
and I found myself standing inside.

I saw a host of ANGELS.
They were standing everywhere. 
One handed me a basket and said,
"My Child, shop with care."

Everything a human needed
was in that grocery store. 
And if you couldn't carry it all,
you could come back the next day for more. 

First, I got some PATIENCE. 
LOVE was in the same row.
Further down was UNDERSTANDING,
you need that everywhere you go.

I got a box or two of WISDOM,
a bag or two of FAITH. 
I just couldn't miss the HOLY GHOST,
for it was all over the place.

I stopped to get some STRENGTH and COURAGE
By then my basket was getting full,
but I remembered I needed some GRACE.

I didn't forget SALVATION,
for SALVATION was free. 
So I tried to get enough of that
to save both you and me. 

Then I started up to the counter
to pay my grocery bill.
For I thought I had everything
to do the MASTER'S will.

As I went up the aisle, I saw PRAYER;
and I just had to put that in,
for I knew when I stepped outside,
I would run into sin.

PEACE and JOY were plentiful;
they were last on the shelf.
SONG and PRAISE were hanging near,
so I just helped myself.  

Then I said to the angel,
"Now, how much do I owe?"

He smiled again and said,  "MY CHILD,

By Ron DeMarco
C Copyright 1990 ~Used With Permission~

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Heaven's Grocery Store

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