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"Brian McMichan's Main Page"

Brian McMichan lives in Queensland, Australia and does excellent studies of Scripture and Christian literature, then writes them out as the Father's Spirit reveals new understanding.

Brian's articles, poems, and reflections can empower all who will read & apply them in their walk with the Lord.

A daily time of solitude set aside to pray and read God’s Word is of utmost importance. Time spent in fellowship with the Lord will bring a blessing, and empower your Spiritual life, even as it prepares you for soul-winning and intercession. 

"Brian McMichan's Christian
Articles - Studies - Poetry -

"The Reflections of Brian McMichan"

Summary of  The Inner Life 
by Andrew Murray

Brian brilliantly summarizes the guidelines from Andrew Murray's book, "The Inner Life," as the Father's Spirit reveals new understanding."

Brian's Collection of Beautiful 
Christian Poetry

"You do not ask that I strive and toil or seek a victory, You simply accept me as I am, and You give Your love to me."


Time is Running Out, Fast
There are many reports of an approaching global food shortage, and time is running out – God, our Father is waiting for all people to call out, "Help me!"

Love Overcomes All things
Andrew Murray said love first stopped with the failures of Adam and Eve. Jesus said, "My command is this: "Love each other as I have loved you" (John 15:12)

What the World Needs Now is Love
A short story about a little girl whose dog goes to Heaven; she writes a letter to God and a few days later receives a package.

Share God's Messages
When you read or repeat the words spoken by Jesus, He is speaking through you.

As the Branch in the Vine 
A message Andrew Murray has been giving for about 100 years.

The Story of the Paper Cross
I once shared the "Paper Cross" with children in an RE class. Ten years later a lady said to me, "I was in the class when you taught The Paper Cross and I still share it with others."

Overcome ALL Trials, Sickness, and Troubles 
Father God, is waiting for the world to call out, "Help me!"

This is the Victory
Turn from the darkness of the world to Jesus Christ (the Light). No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper... (Is 54:17).

Troubles are Attention Getters
The world has always experienced much trouble and suffering. With the current Covis-19 pandemic, floods, fire, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, winds, tidal waves, etc., etc., …. these have and are resulting in much death, fear, anxiety, and hardship.

In Constant Union with All Born Again Believers
God never fails – never fades or becomes obsolete or comes to an end – because God is love and is in all born Again Believers.

God is seeking the world's attention:
The world has always experienced much trouble and suffering but most people in the world have been deceived into believing that the world will meet their needs.

Love is Patient
God cannot do His work without His and our waiting His time." It is not only us who are to wait on Him ... BUT He is waiting on us to ask of Him and to praise and appreciate Him. He is love, AND love is patient.

"The Condition of the Church" 

 There is much evidence in our communities and the world that things are on a rapid decline, but read on, Christ Jesus has overcome the world!

Cleanse Me by Curing Me

Anyone who is experiencing infirmity can ask as the leper did; "Lord, if You are willing, you are able to cleanse me by curing me"…(Matt 8:2-3).

Godly Love Overcomes All Things

The qualities of godly love. We are to follow His example and forgive and express love to all …. As you do this, more love flows into you.

Humility and Love

Humility and love are guides for a successful life. "Love is not conceited (arrogant and inflated with pride); it is not rude (unmannerly) {and} does not act unbecomingly, (1 Cor 13:5 ).

God is Love

An inspirational article about God's love for mankind and how by following His example we can also develop godly love. God is love and wants all of humanity to be with Him for eternity.

The Day the Lord has Made

This is the day the Lord has made. Evil forces seek to deceive, lie and create doubt – but the Lord Jesus has defeated and gained authority over all evil.

Faith is an Act

In Sickness, Disability, and Infirmity

Brian McMichan says faith is an act then comments on a true story by Smith Wigglesworth on the mighty healing power of God.

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Brian V McMichan 
Queensland, Australia
mcmichanco@hotmail dot com

Brian McMichan

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Thank you, Brian
Jeanne: Australia

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