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"Brian McMichan's Christian Articles and Studies"

Brian McMichan lives in Queensland, Australia and does excellent studies of Scripture and Christian literature, then writes them out as the Father's Spirit reveals new understanding. Brian's articles, poems, and reflections can empower all who will read & apply them in their walk with the Lord.

A daily time of solitude set aside to pray and read God’s Word is of utmost importance. Time spent in fellowship with the Lord will bring a blessing, and empower your Spiritual life, even as it prepares you for soul-winning and intercession. 

"Brian McMichan's Christian
Articles and Studies"

"God is Love"

An inspirational article about God's love for mankind and how by following His example we can also develop godly love. God is love and wants all of humanity to be with Him for eternity.

"The Day the Lord has Made"

This is the day the Lord has made. Evil forces seek to deceive, lie and create doubt – but the Lord Jesus has defeated and gained authority over all evil.

"Summary of  "The Inner Life"

Brian McMichan brilliantly summarizes Andrew Murray's guidelines from his book, "The Inner Life," as the Father's Spirit reveals new understanding."

"Faith is an Act"

In Sickness, Disability, and Infirmity

Brian McMichan says faith is an act then comments on a true story by Smith Wigglesworth on the mighty healing power of God.

A Poem:

"Thank You Father For Loving Me"

Thank You Father for loving me and accepting me unconditionally.
You cared enough to give Your Son, and You give this love to me.
You do not ask that I strive and toil or seek a victory,
You simply accept me as I am, and You give Your love to me.
All You ask is that I love You, and trust with all my heart,because You sent Your Spirit, to shield me and direct my path.
Thank You Father for always being there, to hear my praise or plea,
to listen to my every word. Thank You for loving me.
Thank You Father for loving me, I know on You I can rely, 
so I let your love envelop me, knowing You value me so high. 
And with Your love inside of me, to others I can pass on, 
that they too can know Your love, because You sent Your Son.
Thank You Father for loving me, and accepting me unconditionally.
You cared enough to give Your Son, and You give this love to me.
Inspired by my Father, a poem/prayer back to Him.

Brian McMichan 1996

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Brian V McMichan 
Queensland, Australia
mcmichanco@hotmail dot com

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Brian McMichan

Jesus' Triumphal Entry

Commentary From the Gospel of John

The week before Jesus' crucifixion is considered to be the most eventful week of His life on earth, and His triumphal entry into Jerusalem was one of the greatest highlights.

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