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"Present with the Lord"
My Ronnie Kline

The poem below is one that I wrote in 2012 in memory of my favorite nephew who passed away that year. Ronnie Kline was intellectually disabled and eventually became blind. He was very special to me.  

When I was a little girl, I would feel sad because he was born that way, but as I got older, I would think to myself, “When he dies, he will surely go to heaven.” 

I would always pray for him, and when he passed in 2012, I was not sad because I knew that he would be in Heaven and would receive a glorified body.

"Present with the Lord"

I remember when you were born in nineteen fifty-seven

You were a gift to us sent down from heaven. When they brought you home from the hospital, I was as excited as I could be, for there would be a baby in the house that I could bounce on my knee.

You were the cutest baby with your black curly hair, and God sent you down for all of us to share. I would sit right by your side at your bassinet, and I would be the first one to check to see if you were wet

I loved to kiss you smack dab in your mouth, I would get in trouble for doing that, and then I would pout. But that didn't stop me from doing it again, For I loved to kiss you on your mouth and your chin.

I remember one time when I kissed you in your mouth,

Boy did you let all the spit-up come out. From your mouth to my mouth it came, and they told me, "I bet you won't kiss him in the mouth again."

You grew from a baby to a boy to a man; I'm so very glad that God held you in His hands. He always took care of you while you were here on earth, and I'm eternally grateful that He did that from your birth.

The years passed by and I moved away, but you never left my heart you were there to stay. I would come back to visit my family and friends, and I would find the time to see you again.

I would always ask, "Take me to see Ronnie Kline," and they would tell me that you were doing just fine. I would have to go and see you for myself, for I didn't want to trust anyone else.

So your big brother Leroy would take me to see you, but he always had to take the barbecue too. We would all go and see you at your home place; you would eat the barbecue and have it all on your face.

When I would see you, I would give you a hug and a kiss, and then I would tell you that I really did miss,

Seeing you with your funny, playful self, and you would let me know that no one else could take the place of my Ronnie Kline. 

I would always ask you, Ronnie do you know who you are talking too? And you would laugh and say "Bobbie Jean," it's you.

Now, Ronnie Kline, you are in Heaven with God and Jesus, your big brother, and your body is perfect, and you can see one another. We will miss you down here on earth, but we thank God that He let you stay here with us from birth.

We are sad because we didn't want to see you go, but we believe that God is the One who knows what is truly best for us. For to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

Aunt Bobbie Jean


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Present With the Lord

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