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"Reincarnation or an
Invitation from Jesus?" 

Gwyneth's Dream

I once had a very weird dream at a young age, and still, remember the details. It was all dark, it felt like I was just there in a world of nothing but darkness, not sitting nor standing, but more like floating on thin air, or at least it felt like it. Everything felt so cold and scary. 

I then used my arms to hug my knees, let me tell you that I was actually not wearing anything and was in a different body of a woman and that I saw things from this person's point of view.

  • People who have not been saved are without  Jesus,  "The Light of the World, " Without Him, they are often confused about their identity, why are they here, and what their purpose in life is, and dwell in darkness.

Then I saw a blinding light, so bright. I heard a voice, a soothing voice that calmed me that said, "Come to me." He held his hand, and I hesitated at first but took it. Everything was so bright like he was pulling me out of that dark place of nothingness. 

  • I believe the bright light and voice were that of Jesus, and that He was extending His hand and inviting you to step out of the darkness and come to Him

After that, I felt at peace, at home, and was filled with happiness with unknown reason, like I was whole. I was in a place like Heaven; the place was cloudy, bright, and beautiful. I then realised that I was wearing something white, probably a robe. 

  • The Bible tells us about the peace that can only come from Jesus; it is a peace that surpasses understanding. Every description from the Bible and the few who have actually had glimpses of Heaven describe it as being bright and beautiful.

I then took a walk around, and then I saw a weird-looking hole with different hues of blue, black, etc. It was difficult to tell. But it felt like I was being called somewhere down there. Then I saw Jesus, and he said, "It is time."

  • The weird-looking hole was the voices calling from the dark. Jesus always gives us a choice to follow him or to go the other way into more darkness. I believe He was saying, "It is Time"  to make that decision.

Before I knew it, I felt this weird force that pushed me down and made me fall. As I was falling, I could feel my wings from my back disappearing. I closed my eyes, and everything was dark again. 

  • I believe Jesus was perhaps allowing you to experience some of how it would be to turn from Him and follow the darkness.

Then I saw a light and heard cries of a baby. And I saw a doctor who was female and heard her saying something, but I couldn't hear it. It turns out; I was the baby. 

  • The light again speaks of Jesus, and the baby could have been you when you were born-again and became a babe in Christ, a new creature. 

After that, I woke up. My mother had told me that my eyes were already partially open when I was born. Could it be that I was either incarnated or reincarnated once again into a human?

  • I understand that belief in reincarnation is widespread in your area, so am not at all surprised this is something you might consider. I am not demeaning any beliefs or other religions, but I sincerely do not believe your dream was about reincarnation. 
  • I believe it was Jesus calling and inviting you to accept Him as your Savior and to be born-again; this is necessary so you can follow Him and receive a life of blissful eternity.

Thank you for sharing with us Gwyneth, Jesus loves you very much, and He is still waiting for you to take His hand and allow Him to pull you out of the darkness.

Please contact me, and I will be happy to answer any questions,


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Reincarnation or an Invitation from Jesus?

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