"Rapture Dreams"

The Rapture is known as the time when Jesus returns to take the ones to Heaven who have been born again.   

Being saved (born again) is when you ask Jesus into your life and a personal relationship is formed between you and Jesus that lasts for eternity. The Bible teaches that it is the only way to be included in the Rapture and enter into Heaven, (John 13:6).
He is at the door of your heart waiting for you to invite Him in,  (Rev 3:20).  More...

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Natali: United States
I've had a couple dreams of the rapture. There is one in specific that gets to me the most. (my dream)I was walking up the street and It was a beautiful day, the clouds were white and puffy the sun was shinning. Out of no where my ears could hear no more. I was shocked I went deaf out of no where. As I looked at my surroundings I saw everyone staring up at the clouds. When I looked up it all hit me at once. I knew that I couldn't hear the trumpet sound because I was not ready at the time of the lords coming. As I looked up I saw a great white beautiful horse and 2 beautiful angels and the lord was there looking down at me and he said to me " its too late" I began to cry and cry and I felt a great sadness fall on me....(the end of my dream)I woke myself up because I was crying and my heart was racing I immediately starting asking god to forgive me and thanked him it was all a dream......this was my dream.

Vincent: United States
Hi my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am 65 yrs old , so i guess i fall into the "your old men shall dream dreams" part of the scripture. I had the following dreams in March 2017 . To the point, 2 of them  was just about being raptured, flying up, dressed in white, to meet Jesus. I remember saying as i was rising, " I love you Lord".

A third dream was a phone # that i instinctively knew i had to add and subtract the numbers. For ex: the first 3 digits were 441 which i knew to add 4+4-1=7. I don't remember the rest but the entire phone # equaled 777, the current year in jewish calendar.  Then another dream in march, the word TIME followed by numbers 925. Again, i instinctively knew to add and subtract and again, equals 777 {9+2+5=16. 1+6=7}. {9-2=7} and {2+5=7}. 777 then, as if that were not confirmation enough, another dream at end of  march again the word TIME 5077, which i intuitely knew meant 1/4 of year finished { jan, feb, march = 1/4} which would indicate at the time, approx. 6 more months (777 being 3 quarters) this would indicate rapture arond September 2017.  Not to 'test the Lord' but because i wanted to be confident these messages were from the Lord, i asked for another dream. On June 26 th. In early morning hours, i dremed of st. John the baptist and he said" Make straight the path of the Lord". I believe Jesus is coming very soon, possibly in September. And i need to do what i can, to "make straight the path of the Lord" by sharing tese wit you.

Dylan: United States
Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ! 
While I was at work today, I began to remember a dream that I had a few months back that at the time really both intrigued me an concerned me, but that I also was not sure what it meant at the time. I still do not quite fully understand it, but I trust in the Lord that He will reveal the true meaning to me when the time is right.
As I remember it, I fell into an unusually deep sleep one night very quickly, and immediately felt myself in a dreamscape. I was in an unfamiliar home with about 2 or 3 other individuals whose identities I was not able to discern. However, I think we had all diverted out attention to a rather large window that seemed to be the only source of light into an extremely dimly-lit room. All I remember then was seeing what had to have been the largest, blackest, most intimidating and awe-inspiring mass of pitch-black clouds beginning to cover the entire sky, moving ever so quickly in our direction toward the house. We all fell to our knees in anguish and repentance and lamentation, saying things like "It's the Lord! He's coming!," and "Please take me, Lord!"
After this, I woke up suddenly, both slightly confused and frightened by what I had experienced. After I remembered about this dream today, I felt it necessary to share it and to research other accounts of people having a dream similar to mine. As I've seen on this forum, as well as elsewhere, dreams of darkened skies and clouds covering the sky surrounding what people acquaint to either the Rapture or the Second Coming of Christ are much more common than I initially thought. As a matter of fact, it is actually an extremely common theme. I don't like to interpret dreams for myself, as I feel that that is God's job and right to do so, but I feel that this was a warning of some sort - either to prepare for what is to come soon or to warn others. Hopefully sharing this with you all accomplishes one or both of those obligations.
May the most High God of the Universe, Yahweh, bless you all, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all in these times. Amen.

Fatima: Mexico
I am in shock. I have had the same type of dreams in the last few months. I have had 3 dreams so far. They all are of the coming of Jesus Christ. He tells me also to tell my fellow Christians that He is coming, to repent. Then the clouds open and many, including myself start to rise unto Heaven. I didn't know if it was a message or just a dream. 

Shawn: Canada
I was working and a huge, dark storm was rolling in. I saw lightening start to strike the city, then it did again and again. Fires started to burn in different buildings. I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures, but then it hit me, and I knew something was wrong. I suddenly woke up. Or at least I thought I did. I Felt my pulse, tried to calm my labored breathing. I thought I was awake and it was all just a dream. Relieved. I looked cautiously into the backyard and saw a bus just sitting there, still thinking I was awake I got knowing I was left behind. I checked my mom's room, but she wasn't there. I looked out front and saw neighbors coming out in sleepwear, confused and totally lost. I knew it was the rapture and I felt numb. I started to have a panic attack, and then I finally, truly woke up. Literally unsure if I was awake or asleep until this moment. Dream within a dream and both felt so real.

Regan: Canada
In the morning at 6am I was almost asleep until I had this dream or vision that I at this place where me and my mom always go for walks or runs.
Everything was black and grey, I was walking then as I was walking I saw this tractor.
As I saw it I felt something grab my hand then as I turned back I saw my mom.Im not sure if she was the one that grabbed my hand and then I was being lifted up into the sky.
Then that is when I woke up

Haley: Canada
In the beginning of my dream I had an old friend from childhood come over with some strangers. Things turned sour quickly as it seemed alchohol was involved.  A man threw up on the floor and arguments began in my apartment hallway. I approached the door and remember hearing about an unknown woman being badly kicked in the head. I didnt want to be involved so I slammed the door and ignored the pounding. I remember trying to clean up the vomit, hoping that this awful smell would go away. It smelled like death. Nothing like ive ever smelled before. The stench made me beleive that what I was experiencing was reality. Everyone left my apartment, or so I thought. It seemed like the crazyness was over when suddenly a man tried selling himself to me. I couldnt beleive it, and then he left. The scene changes and I find myself in a gay night club. In this club I notice that the smell of death is still strong. I continue asking myself "what is that smell?" I search of an exit but only to come across men on men and women on women, completely naked and parading around. I recall talking to my aunty on the phone in the club  trying to explain to her about the smell. She tells me she smells  it too. (In real life my aunt is a chronic alcholic). The dream goes on and it feels like ive spent some serious time there. I then find my way back to my old friend, when suddenly she darts down this secluded path where homeless people lived. She runs past this crowd of beggers, some standing and some sitting with their hands open. Fearful, I run after her and pass the beggars too. The dream ends as im woken up by angry sister. I feel as if this is a warning of the rapture. The following morning i remember smelling the air intensly trying to make sense of that stench that reaked so fresh in my mind, but the air was scentless. I was so sickened I couldnt even eat. Although there is more detail to this dream, i feel like main events give a clear message. Christ is coming and the smell of death is no joke!!!

Octa: Tanzania
On 2nd,June,2017 night I had two dream in siries.The first dreams,I was with wife and uncle above the hill in home village.Behold I saw colouds in particular formation in figure of three crosses of identical apperence.It was in evening sunset the crosses were I'm red color of the sunset light and mixed with golden light.Then IPointed to the direction in curiosity showing what IWas seeing.we were so amanzed the beautiful and so elegant figures presented in the sky.One of us said that just our mind imaginations that made that figures.As we started thing that,suddenly the figures of cross started to increase intensity in claraity that it was vividly evidently that what were just seeing imagination but reality.Then,the sky started to form dark coloful and beautiful cloudy and the sunset light was giving doffrent colorful light.Then the character symbols of known language to me was ascribed to crosses.Then crosses aligned in the particular orientation just as chromosomal style and started to move from north to south across the sky.As we whatching to the sky not knowing what is happening,I work up In the sleep.Then I realised it was a dream that looked so really.I started to think about it for long time and then fall asleep again.Then,Ihad the second dream. I was holding my wife in my arm for reason I don't know.The sky was so cloudy and dark, gold deem light.Angles were flying in so numerously wondering across the sky in unorderly directions.Then I saw people transforming to spirits and ascending to the sky.The angle took my wife and throw her to the sky.Then she was projected to the sky until she disappeared. Then he did that to me but I couldn't go further I descended down.The angle was dissapointed and left me.Then was frustrated,I started crying with fear. I couldn't know why I was not picked and felt lonely.Then IWork up and found myself in deep tear.Until now am so thoughtful about it. 

Sheila: United States
My dream was quite different. I was outside with my husband and a contractor when I noticed that everything I touched sparked. Then suddenly I began to vibrate all over, I looked up and snout up into the sky and yelled with praise "This is the Rapture!" I woke up so excited but DISAPPOINTED. The dream was incredible,  the feeling of flying to God was beyond words. 

Hello my name is Meriel not sure how to start.Well it was a beautiful night around the moon was Super Bright ..i've never in my life seen it so bright it woke me from my sleep,I stared at the it for awhile sat up and in an instant i felt scared ..don't know why i felt this feeling.?..gazing out my window i seen what looked to me like wispy white souls floating upwards to the sky ,there were many of them rising ,the sky was clear no clouds just the Moon and ???? what they were ..lately i have been seeing a lot and dreaming .I believe in Jesus and that hes cumming soon to the point that i feel it in my soul .cant stop thinking about that night..I honestly believe in my heart that Rapture is near...why am i scared?.

Ronald: United States
A couple of weeks ago I dreamed about the rapture. This was when I was taking a nap in the afternoon. Here's my dream. 
  I was riding in my step sons car and we pulled up in to my brother in laws house. I looked up into the sky and I saw a symbol of an eagle. On the right and left side of the eagle was half a wreath. Then the symbol of the eagle passed overhead and broke apart. Then immediately I run out into the yard and called out, Jesus save me from thy Father's wrath. Then immediately after that I saw the spirits of people rise up towards heaven. Then I closed my eyes and leaned back and I felt myself rising up too. Then my granddaughter came in my room screaming and woke me up. During this dream I did not see anything about the tribulation.

Ronald's 2nd Dream:
This was not a dream but a Sign from God! Two nights ago on May 15 2017 I went outside and sat down in my chair like I do every night. It was 11:30pm. There was some light cirrus clouds going overhead so slowly and this one cloud really caught my attention. It was that of an Angel dressed in a white gown. The Angel was as tall as a small mountain. The wings was folded up and about the length of the Angels body. The wings went straight up and curved backwards. The Angel was blowing on a trumpet. The trumpet was as long as the angels body and was pointed down at a 45 degree angle towards Earth. The cloud formation moved very slowly across the sky from North to South. It took about 10 minutes to pass. The whole time the cloud formation never lost its shape.. This is what I saw. I'm taking this as a sign from God because it was so close to my dream about the rapture. So I know now that the rapture is ever so close.

Kim: United States
2nd Rapture Dream this month. The one I had night has left me so sad and humble. The short version: I was at a funeral and the rapture began. There was a loud noise, and the sky was filled with pink clouds or orbs. I was okay with what was happening, but became really sad, because my husband and three children were back home in another state. I was sad because I wanted to die with them. I called and called and finally made contact with them. Somehow they were able to come to my location really fast, and we all waited & hugged together. I spent most of the time reassuring my kids that they would be okay. Moments later, a paper message dropped down from the sky with our names on it. I felt calm and instant relief. Then I woke up. 5-14-17.

Vivian: United States
I've had this dream repeatedly, to be exact like 3 times. I was with my family and we were in a sports store. We were all having a great time, my mom found something for me to try and so i went to the fitting rooms. While i was changing, i heard them laughing having a good time then out of nowhere i couldn't hear them anymore. I went out the room and saw their clothes on the ground. I began to think "what the" i know deep down God had come for his people and broke me that i was left behind. As i walk outside everything is cloudy and i look up to the sky one side is blue and white filled with light and the other side is filed with ref and grey and filled with darkness and then the blue side of the sky began to disappear and the red took over the entire sky and i remember smelling something thats burning like a forest fire. I walk inside my aunts house and i sit down and i begin to cry. I hear something loud and shaking the ground and it was pounding on the door to let them in i heard a beast like lion roar and kept pounding on the door, on the last bang, i woke up.

Lilly: United States
 I dreamt this past early Sunday morning, April 30, 2017 that the end of the world was upon us (the people).  People were afraid and so was I.  Someone said we needed to lay down next to each other, but opposite one another... (laying with someone's feet by your head). People were laying down.  I just watched.
Then suddenly my mom was there with me in spirit; however my mom is not dead.... and she said I was okay that my name was in the books and so was my husbands name.. not to be afraid. She said I was ahead of my husband that he was trailing behind me in the books. I asked about my ex-husband.  She said she would be right back... she came back and said his name was in the books also, but that he barely made it.
Then suddenly my dream went to God  appearing in the clouds... His head was peering out of a huge grey cloud in the horizon; he was wearing a crown. I could hear like a loud noise like a trumpet.  Then God was going to speak or say something... I very briefly heard his strong voice...my dreams ends here. I blanked out after this.... I think I woke up.

Melissa: United States
I had a dream I was at my grandmother's house it was a extremely windy day. I then seen all these things falling down being that it's very close to Disneyland a lot if their rides were falling.. In my dream I started praying and seen Our Heavenly Father pick up his people, and left us... I am born and raised Catholic but like most if us lost my way.. I'm lost 

Hello Melissa, I can assure you that you do not need to remain lost. Your Christian denomination does not matter. You can be be born again and become a Child of God and have everlasting life with no fear of ever being left behind. Please contact me, Samuel Mills, by the contact form at the bottom of this page.
Jesus loves you!

Jade: Philippines
was in a dark room and there was a light in front of me from where the voice came. His voice is authorative, he told me this "I am coming" I said "When my Lord" because at the back of my mind I was contemplating if He really so soon. And then He repeated " I am coming, I am coming very soon. Go tell all the people to prepare warn them."

Anne: United States
Thanks for the add guys! I had a dream 2 days ago that I was leading my family through the streets and every time I would hit a corner there was a bar well we couldn't touch them they couldn't touch us we would walk through them and on out of them. I was like we were going somewhere fantastic but had to go through this evil or trial before felt like we walked for hours. Then we ended up in someones huge backyard it was at night they had their backyard lights on there was people celebrating getting ready some playing golf some having dinner eating laughing. I seen a couple of church people their I sat next to a church member just me and her looking around at the party in lawn chairs. I look over and see garlic bread at a white table. Then the church lady I saw said its almost time its 1:00 am and I said any min now. So it continued the party then I looked over and said what time is it now she screamed and said it was 1:11 am ITS TIME! as soon as she said that we all looked up and a shooting star came out of the sky I felt excited nervous then the sky open up like someone had parted the middle out came a white lion with a lambs face and we were raising our hands the the lamb came right into my face it was so white everything got white and I woke up!

Saul: United States
I the most terrifying and happy to the point of tears of the rapture. I'm walking outside on the sidewalk holding hands with my son. All of a sudden it felt like the feeling of being on a roller coaster as I was swept up in the air hundreds of feet in a couple seconds. I knew it was the rapture and I was so excited that I was found worthy. It seemed so real. 

Dylan: United States
I just had a dream about 30 min ago. I was with my friend Cj and we were looking through some backpack that was left on the ground idk why it was there. But we looked through it and we found a set of two harmonicas I started playing the first one and then I started to play the second one. We were sitting on some lawn chairs and we were near some water and we had a clear view of the sky. Now the sky was like a pale blue. The way it would look like if it were about to rain, kind of cloudy to. Then i was looking into the distance laughing enjoying time with my friend then I looked at the distance. I saw the clouds starting to pulled in. I started to feel very scared. Then eventually after all the clouds where pulled in it went DARK.and there was some fire looking cliffs as well. Then I started to see everyone run and there was this red light underneath everyone as they were running. Then this giant spotlight looking thing shined onto the earth and started to scan around. And I was petrified. There was so many screams. Then the light eventually shined onto me and I felt like I was being levitated. I started to be sucked into the light in the sky at a very high pace. I was terrified.. But at the same time I wasn't. At the very end I knew I wouldn't see anyone ever again. I said I love you mom then everything went dark.. I wook up.. I don't know what it is I saw. But I do know that in my heart I knew it was the end of everything. I have never been so scared in my life when I saw the sky being sucked in.. 

Lemetria: United States
This morning I had woke up early around 5:50 am and I decided to look at tv after looking at a little tv I fell back to sleep and I start dreaming in my dream there were alot of people around like we were standing outside and people just walking around and it was me and my husband walking down a street and I looked up and I saw alot of men coming from the clouds and they were in trench coats and they were taking people with them in the clouds and then I woke up I'm a form believer that Jesus died for our sins and I know that Jehovah will be back soon I pray that everyone is repenting and watching because the signs are all around us God bless love everyone 

Christopher: United States
I have had multiple dreams about the last days/rapture/judgment for a while now. the latest one happened last night 3/26/17 I had two short dreams in one.
The first: I was somewhere like on a college like downtown exciting area where i was doing bad things which i considered fun which were actually sin. Then the sky started changing and it was like a strong tornado which began pulling me and other people up towards the sky but the way the sky looked i knew for certain this place it was sucking us to would not be pretty but strictly judgement. I saw someone get sucked up by the strong pulling up winds but i managed to hold onto a strong tree with another civilian and we survived until the strong winds ceased.
The second scenario: I was in a college dorm/apartment building again This time it seemed to be of my cousin and she is a gay person. I love her dearly. She was laying in her bathroom her eyes were lifeless as if she had drowned previously. I looked in the sky out the window and clouds began speeding up in motion so scary i looked away before i could see anything. I noticed black substance formed in the sky idk if it was a liquid substance or bugs or what idk. but it was in a uniformed line sooo scary. time stopped it just froze like matrix as soon as i spotted this out the window. I was panicking like heck.
I saw two people come in, one was a athlete and the other was a girl i knew. They were liking each other by their vibes, and they ended up sleeping together; as this was going on and i was freaking out like "why did you guys do this"? do you not see what going on? they didn't care.
I called my mom, i believe, but a voice said, none of that matters, and i woke up.

Kaitlyn: United States|
Hello, my name is Kaitlyn. Last night I had a dream about the rapture. At first I didn't know it was a dream about the rapture but once it started I caught on. I was walking down a street I know well from my childhood. There's an old high school on that Street that has been turned into some guys car shop. Anyhow I was walking down the street toward the old high school. It was very sunny and every house I passed there was an elderly person standing on their lawns smiling and starting at the sky. I heard a trumping playing a beautiful tune and thought maybe someone was playing their trumpet to make these folks smile. Then the trumpet stopped and paused for a moment. When the trumpet sounded again it was one note and sounded serious. Almost like an alarm of some sort. Suddenly I was boosted off the ground while rays of gold and rainbow colored lights surrounded me. I suddenly found myself hugging loved ones I had lost. I wasn't scared at any time during this dream. My dream about the rapture was a joyful one.

Abiola: Nigeria
March 18, 2017:
I had a scary dream about the rapture last night/today which males it the 3Rd time for me.
I was in a place like a college setting and all of a sudden, the sky changed. It was evening time in the dream.
I looked up and saw a person like Jesus Christ beckoning with His two hands..I saw 4 forms like angels move away from him holding 4 clothes. I instantly knew the end had come and I started panicking and praying. Immediately I looked for my 2 boys and asked them to start praying and ask God to forgive them all their sins while I was doing the same.
We eventually moved with a lot of other people, some known to me to a place like an auditorium while still praying. 
The next second,I opened my eyes in the dream and couldn't find my 1st boy and I uttered thanks to God knowing he's been raptured.
I picked the 2nd boy and moved away from the auditorium to look for where to hide. There was chaos on the roads. Some ladies were dancing and taunting those left behind.
We rounded a corner and some guys tried pulling us to get a stamp but be we broke free and kept looking for hideout, all the while carrying my 6yr old boy. 
Until I woke up and shared the dream with hubby. 
I am scared because I thought I am right with God. Every second from now will be to constantly reexamine my life and pray ceaselessly.
I don't want to miss heaven and I want to make it with my husband and children. 
Let him who has ears, hear.
The end is near! 

Marg: United States
I had a dream on the morning of June 20, 2016. It was a beautiful dream of the rapture. I saw Jesus and there were so many people and so many big and beautiful white clouds everywhere and we were slowly moving upward. Jesus was right there in the midst. He was bigger than life. I know that every eye shall behold him. We met Jesus in the sky. I know that people will be able to see him. We will move up slowly so that every eye shall behold him. The eyes of Hell see Jesus and even those who pierced Jesus shall see him out of hell. People will NOT be let out of Hell, but they will be able to see Him. While Jesus is in mid-air, things will NOT be chaotic and they will remain peaceful so that every one can see Jesus in sky. The Angel said at Jesus resurrection that this same Jesus will return likewise. And this should let you know that we will be raptured in midair so that all can see us. We will pass the stars as they cheer and then on to Glory where the Holy Angels will cheer for Christ and His church like never before! Lets all hold on to our crown. It's tough, but with Christ we can maintain our crown and peace. We are the one going up with Christ. This is it!!! Thanks for listening. 

Jason: United States
Last night I had a dream I was walking up a mountain with my family back in my home town it was a sunny sumer early spring day  as we were walking a passenger plane falls from the sky and crashes in to flames then another and another and cars were crashing into each other all over as all this was happening me and family got into a smaller group and our daughter disappeared just poof she was gone well we walked back down to road and there were cars everywhere but no people . Eventually there were people me and the family went to store and didn't have enough to pay for dinner so a old man behind up paid for it and then he disappeared seemed most people disappeared  couldn't drive anywere too many crashed cars on road it was such a realistic dream 

Kerry: United States
Had a dream about a month or so ago that I was sleeping in my bed & was raptured.  My whole body felt like it does when you accidentally shock your fingers in a light socket.  It felt so real & then I woke up & realized I was still in my bed. 

Tshoni: United States
Well a few days ago I had a dream about a giant floating city landing on the ground I was standing in a glass window looking down at what was happening but when I looked at the earth it was covered in fire and lava no trees no grass just fire but the strange thing is that the city was pitch black like a siloute but I somehow already knew what it was and I was so excited when it landed

Rachel: Fiji
Gary. I need help with my dream interpretation.
I am 19 years old and just last night (Friday, February 10, 2017 (GMT+12), I had a terrifying dream. I am not sure if it is a sign or if its my phobia of thunders and phobia of getting left behind but my dream is pretty intense. 
My dream started like this:
I was at home with my family on a fine cloudy day and suddenly thunder boomed in a distance and it got louder and louder and kept thundering. I remember the feeling of fear and i kept closing my ears tightly. 
Then when I looked outside, something black was covering the sky like thick smoke and  covered in a clockwise direction and it was pretty dark. I didnt know what was happening but I was aware of people flickering to disappear. I couldnt see anything and I was so scared that I confessed my sins. 
Then I woke up.
I silently thanked God and fell asleep but this time it was a different dream about rapture.
I was been taken up but just when I reached close to heaven, I had an urge to look back. This was a mistake and I almost lost my grip. The person who held on to me said that its either I continue my journey ahead, or look back and fall into darkness. 
I couldnt remember the rest of the dream. TBH I didnt ask God for this dream and my mum brushed this dream off.
I am not really a strong Christian and believer.
To my understanding, I think that we should leave our sins for good and focus more on Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Maybe God has reminded me and warned me to be fully commmitted to God and leave my past evil self for good and leave the world as well. God has given me a second chance and I intend to take it and fully repent.
This is true and we need to repent for our ways and trust in the Lord to guide us. I know its easier said than done but we gotta take a first step of faith. Please pray for me. I am just a teenager who is new to these kinda stuff. 

Sarai: United States
What can I say but I remember a dream I had I was across the street from my home and I went to go to the store with someone. When I came out I was talking then I looked up to the dark night sky and saw the white and grey moon. I then began to see angels flying around in a circle by the moon. I then saw a trumpet sound 1 of them blew a trumpet. My body felt as the spirit was dance. I was dancing in the spirit and speaking in tongues then as I was pointing up in the sky I seen forms of tornados all around. Their was not a spot it did not hit. No body saw what I was seeing they looked at me like I was crazy but I knew what I saw. I knew God was so close to coming all I could think of was the rapture and the trumpets and seals opening.

Theo: New Zealand
Had the scariest dream ever. 
So I was in Auckland having a good time and I went down to a beach area and looked around in the water and chilled, the waves then started getting bigger and bigger and Tsunami sirens started. So obviously I ran back up the shore and started running towards a hill. But then everything got dark and the trees on the hill started dying and cracking and a booming voice said "there is a light for those whom repent, this light will dissolve in 30 minutes" 
I started to freak out as people started to float up in the air and turn white and become engulfed in lighting, then disappear. So obviously I started praying and suddenly I started floating, everything went white and I felt lighting around me then........BAM. I forcefully opened my eyes and woke up, I freaked out and checked everything to make sure that it wasn't real. I had a dream not only about the rapture, but me denying the rapture in the end and waking myself up. 
I'm still freaked out and I don't know if it's a sign or not. 

Stephani: United States
I dreamt of a dark skies and a building with dark figures running back and forth frantically, but outside. they're human figures dressed in white gowns with a red mark in the front they were all different ages standing still looking towards the sky and as it opened. I woke up. I was born with a Vail on my face. What does it all mean.

Hello , i have so far had 3 dreams about this rapture. all 3 seem to be different parts of the same dream. 
Yesterday night as i slept, i had the 3rd dream which i will share with you. i was at home having lunch outside the main house with my friends and my parents were sitting inside but just near the door. suddenly i had something land with a bang on the rear side of the roof so i quickly ran around the house to see, when i reached there i saw an animal that looked like a small red fox that was walking on the wall perimeter so i wondered a lot coz the dog family does not climb according to my understanding, so i picked up s tone to shoot it, to my surprise the fox body looked wooden and when the stone hit it, it made that wooden sound, then shockingly this fox jumped and spread wings i had not noticed it had and flew right over my head, i was in shock but just as i was still wondering, there appeared a very heavy storm like cloud that seemed to just come out of nowhere on a scotching sunny afternoon, and it covered the whole sky then there was some mild darkness with a little sunlight ring like shape penetrating that kept on widening and almost instantly i could see the ring look like the sun had a black spot in the middle that made it look like an eclipse, suddenly and almost instantly i felt a strong wind start to gash out of every direction whistling sounds and every thing moving back n forth and looking back up the ring was getting bigger and brighter. i called my mom and she came running and asking me what is wrong, i told her its him, she said who, i said look up its jesus christ, then she said yes it is jesus. good thing we knew we were going with him so we were happy. then that's when i woke up.

Lorrielyn: Philippines
I dream about Jesus Christ is Coming together with His angels all they're wear is white while they are coming,the water in the sea was like gathering as a whole then the clouds above was opening and then i saw them  and then coming down through us but in the otherside i feel like the fear and excitement and then a while Jesus He wants to feeding us before the final rising above .

Odwine: United States
It is currently 4:29 am I really don't know how to ask for confirmation but I'll pray anyway.
I had a dream that I was on this huge boat with friend and she was very drunk, and couldn't control herself she leaned over my shoulder for support when suddenly I hear this trumpet like sound I looked up in the sky and I could see the sun Ray...location where the sound was coming from and as soon as I realized what it was I felt my soul  rising. I didn't like the feeling very much then I saw millions of others rising with me.
Then I saw myself walking down stairs with a lot of people as I looked around I recognize some faces and they were my classmates back in school days.
Then there were 2 elevators and people were just filling in and in a hurry too.  So I asked, well which one do I go in?, and someone directed me to the one on the right, and said, I heard if you go in this one you won't got to hell.
So I proceeded and went inside of that elevator and when I got inside there were probably 3 people or so in there with me. And I remember asking myself where did I go wrong.
Please help, I'm very young and I don't want to wait like the rest of the world, I want to be sure of my spiritual life.

Jeanette: Germany
On the night of 29 October 2016, I dreamt the following:
I saw a blonde woman. I didn't recognize her. She spoke to me and said: "I am Jesus." Her appearance changed and I saw Jesus. White robe, brown hair and beard. I realised it was the Rapture and that He had come to fetch me. If I remember clearly he said: "I have come to fetch you." I could feel us rising in the air. I felt a bit affraid. But I heard a voice saying: "Do not be affraid. Everything will be ok." I was thankful that I will be joining my loved ones in Heaven. There was bright light around me. 
And then I woke up.
I couldn't understand why I woke up if it was the Rapture. 
I didn't understand why I didn't recognize Jesus immediately. I know that He can present Himself in many forms. I didn't know why I felt affraid at first.

But thinking back about the dream and discussing it with friends, the woman image could be symbolic for when Jesus returns He will come to fetch His bride (us/His people). And the voice I heard of telling me not to be affraid was not me saying it to myself, but was Jesus.

 Bj: Canada
 My kids dad n I were ascending up. He held my hand but he disappeared into the wall/ceiling. I could not go further - the walls/ ceiling were concrete. He reappeared - hugged me & disappeared again.
As I gazed across the sky - 3 dark clouds appeared - they meant something but IDK. ???

Michael: United States
I believe in God, but I in no means have been following the correct path.
I drank last night so I wanted a small nap this afternoon. I laid down and had a dream in my dream I was at my mothers, everything was perfectly normal. Then I went outside and saw a storm like I've never seen before. I go to let everyone know to get in the basement and I see my mother has already came outside she was standing in the door way and I'm yelling that she needs to get in the basement, but she just stood there staring at the storm. I turned back to look at the storm and people where running everywhere back and forth.
I woke up for a split second then fell back to sleep, and my dream continued, I saw all over these little like twisters, in fields miles away on mountains, literally everywhere. Then I saw one that was a little bit closer go over empty ground where no one was and suddenly I saw a man in the twister and when these twisters hit the ground the part that touched the ground exploded and I would see lights in the twister go just above the clouds and disappear. I realized what was happening I turned and my mother was still there staring I wondered why she wasn't taken. I turened my head back towards the storm and people where still running every which way, looked back at my mother and she was gone. 
I knew somehow what had happened and stopped running around scared but was calm, and I was sad but I knew that I didn't walk the right path that's why I was left behind. I looked around and out of so many people running around crying, screaming and they started to hurt each other. There was myself and only a couple others amongst everyone that where calm yet sad and new that it had just begun.
I've never read about the rapture or anything until after I had this dream.
One thing is for sure, none of us will know when this will happen but it'll happen quickly 

Marni: United States
I had the most amazing dream.  I have never had anything like this dream. The feeling in this dream I have never felt awake let Alone a sleep. I can't even begin to describe the feeling to give it justice. I can only thing close the completeness of Gods Love was being unveiled. I was out side the sky was full every where you looked the sky was full of color and swirling. The light shinning threw was bright. We were all standing looking up in awe and wonder. When we heard the trumpet sound. At first we looked around at each other to see if that was what we heard. By the time the second trumpet sounded everyone was either on their knees or hands were held high. But there was one young man concerned because he couldn't see the color in the sky or hear the trumpets. Then his wife said be need to except the fullness of you God is by the third trumpet. Then he dropped to his knees crying. Then looking up he said the words I believe I choose you. And the third trumpets sounded. This dream was so powerful and in my dream it was like I knew that every knee had bent and every heart was Gods. The feeling of this Dream and colors was not like anything I have ever  seen or heard. The music was playing. I woke up singing when we all get to Heaven. (Victory In Jesus) Waking up from this dream left me disappointed that it was just a dream. or was it something more?

Nwolisa: Nigeria
I was in a dream, we are all waiting for His coming suddenly a voice came to me to look up, low and behold I saw Jesus on the cloud with uncountable Angels but I was not able to see His legs and hands He was wearing sparkling linen white, He has a round face with brown curling hair not to long I saw His face very clear and I was calling Him but He did not answer me the next thing I saw from where i was standing the cloud opened people where ascending into heaven including people from far, and I kept on calling Jesus but he didn't answer me, I saw Angels blowing trumpet it was as big as anything you can thing of, then both the people and the Angels went in the Cloud and it was closed then I was so worried in that dream why wasn't I taken and a voice came to me WHAT about UNFORGIVENESS with the bitterness of being left out I saw a lot of people dancing and the told me to join them but i refuse they did not mind that the are left out. it is a message to me I don't know about u.

Thanh: United States
I had had a dream a few months ago like new years? In my dream i saw Mary in the clouds saying, Jesus is coming, and trumpets were in the clouds, then I woke up all of the sudden, what does it mean?

Nehemia: Zimbabwe
I had a dream of the rapture occurring yesterday ad it was real...i was having a conversation with my 2 friends at an occasion and it was just after midnight, in the midst i saw 2 flames of fire rising from the front and hitting the ground and there was chaos people came outside to witness.  From the other side came 2 flames again and accompanied by singing angels and i was pretty sure that it was the coming of Jesus as the last 2 flames came i started praying to God so as to spare me but i felt my prayers weren't going anyway as i had so much fear and didn't wholly mean what i said..Suddenly i saw souls rising and i made myself believe that i was going , i closed my eyes but as i opened them it was all calm and i knew i was left out.  I could hear people screaming and crying             Please help, what is the message from God

My Rapture dream:
In my dream,  I woke up like anyone would if the light was suddenly turned on when it hits your eye lids. Even though it was 1 am on the clock,  the window blinds were brightly lit, and so was the room as if it were 10 am. Squinting, I decided to open the blinds/window and the sun that had looked so different in the distance,now emitted a different type of ray.  I immediately knew this was the rapture.  Jesus was back,  but I had not gone up with the rest.  I was still here, and deeply regretting it.

Enjoli: United States
I had a dream that I was riding in the car with my sister in law and my husband and as we were driving down the street the rapture started to happen. And as I looked around I happen to see an older couple maybe in their late 50s to early 60s ascend into the sky. I then turn to look at my husband and sister in law they too ascended into the sky. Then I found myself worried if my children were okay so tried to rush to where they were at (home I'm guessing) just to find that they to had ascended into the light filled sky. But I myself had been left behind.

Deepthi: India
Hello,such a wonderful dream. Thanks for beautiful message too. 
In this year i had similar dream twice. Both of the dreams are about rapture . I have seen somewhere in the day light the sky began to darken like night and people all over walking wondering ,and i saw some flashes coming from sky n taking humans in glimpse of an eye ,so fast and im trying to search my family,but i felt that flash strike me too .
My 2nd dream also similar ,there is huge chaos in the streets and people are confused ,and sky becomes dark and i realised and there is sound of horn i think and i realised He is coming so i took my family to church and there at once people are lifted up.... 
I really felt the presence of holy spirit in these dreams and i realised God is telling me to be ready and to preach the gospel to others. 
We all need to be ready,don't get caught up with worldly pleasures,Jesus is coming .... I'm not the only one who dreaming, lots of people  Jesus warning us. 
Be prepared my friends and pray for me too.

Abigael: Kenya
This morning i had a dream of the rapture....earlier in my dream...its like God had told me that at that very day he is gonna come...so i sought a man of God to pray for me in order for me to go to heaven when am clean...i then saw very bright round shaped balls in the sky...i then knew that the Lord had indeed come...so there were lots of people ascending but when it came to me....i was taken up then brought back down....i remained on earth and people were beaten by the devils agents....i was terrified...what could this possibly mean??? and in my dream....i couldn't believe that the Messiah had really come...so i took one of the newspapers and saw that the date read 7th but could not remember the year or month.

Jean: United States
Hello, I had a dream a few days after an almost 7 day fast. The dream is very unclear to me, so I only have pieces that I remember. \
So I dreamt that I saw a ball of light coming from the sky or heavens, and I, as well as some other people I didn't know, seemed to have known for a fact, that it was Jesus coming. I remember the happiness, joy, and peace I felt when I saw this light. 
Then, immediately we felt the Lord's presents among us. A voice spoke to me but I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was something like, "not yet, or not yet to come," or something like that. 
Although I knew he wasn't forsaking me or anything, I remember feeling sad.
But anyways, I can't stop thinking about that dream and I am overly curious to know something or anything about what this dream means, or if it's a dream to hold on to and remember at all.

Brian: United States
Wow, I was shocked by how close these dreams are to the one I just had. 

Well what had happened was that I was in a car with my new born son and going down the highway. It was some time in the night. All of a sudden everything became really quiet, and then the rapture happened.  
Another person and I were looking around and we could see people in a bright light being taken away.  There was the feel of an awesome raw power like no other I had ever known. Although the light was shining on me I did not get taken up like the rest.
Just before I woke up I saw a sheet of paper with my family's last name on it. Please tell me, what does this all mean?

Ash: New Zealand
About My Dreams: 
I think it's important to say, for anyone else reading these dreams, that I myself was able to understand what they meant. 
You know when you have that 'feeling' of the Holy Spirit, that a thing is from the Holy Spirit. I remain open minded, that my dreams may not have been from God, but I think most probably they are. 
The main point is, I needed a kick up the bum to get me to sit up and realise the rapture may be soon, and that if I don't walk the narrow path, I will be left behind.
But, I am not fixating on the fact that the rapture may be soon (it may not be, it may not happen it our life time). But I am fixating on the need to be ready, everyday, in case it does happen soon. 
It doesn't matter how near or far away it is. I will still be judged on how I lived, and I must make sure my name is in the book of life. Therefore I must try hard to cultivate a real and tangible relationship with the living God. 
I find when I am absolutely honest with myself, and clear out all sin from my life, like a perfectionist, going for absolute 100% devotion to Christ, is when things start happening spiritually. And it seems so very hard to give up things like drinking and sexual immorality, but you must deal harshly with things that cause you to sin, and block your relationship with God. 

Ash's Second Dream:
This dream was a few months back, when I had just renewed my relationship with God. 
The rapture happened, I was in my car driving. I felt my soul trying to leave my body. I was being pulled out of my body. And I remember the thought, 'this is what the rapture will be like'. I felt it very vividly.
I was given this dream after a challenging day 

Kedisaletse: South Africa
Had a dream, preparing for women function for the church. We were busy as women with deco and the rapture happened. Two ladies were taken up and left us and we were left behind. We were worried why we were left behind. Suddenly the other lady came backand when we ask about the other she just said she was asked to come to work urgently. We could see that she was not telling the truth, she just made us to relax. what does this dream mean

Priscilla: Nigeria
I had a rapture dream this morning 29/03/2016. i was in a story building, had the trumpet sound then i went to take a look i saw the stars receding,the sky opened i knew it was rapture so i closed my eyes and began to pray though people around could not here the sound. I noticed i was floating upward still with my eyes closed by the time i opened my eyes, i was in the cloud it was bright and sharp,no dirt its more perfect then the earth day. I saw beings floating too some with white beard, still i was afraid. i noticed i held unto a being tightly then we left there to a big building inside were people waiting to receive their price the floor of the room was almost covered with pure white clouds bobs. white horses were brought out by beings from the upper room to the hall of this building to those who are waiting for there rewards  the pillar of this room was of gold i held tightly to this being in fear then came back to share the experience to others in this same dream. God have on me cant miss heaven for anything 

United States:
I dreamed a big cross full out of the sky. We was saying please don't let it hit us it bounced up and my twin sister jumped on the bottom and someone else jumped on it and it was going back up and the other person told Wanda to let go. She fell off from way up and I ran to go see and everyone in the streets was praying and running saying god is coming.

Peter: Country
I dreamed about people next to me and all around me been lifted to heaven so I started praying then I was stated to lifted towards heaven what does it mean

David: United States
I had a dream about the rapture. At the time I was just a spiritual infant and had no idea of prophecy etc. But In the dream, I was going at college/work (I'm not sure) in an environment I've seen all the time, Like a weekly routine. I was looking  at a familiar building  and the horizon I'd seen countless times before. Then I noticed the sky had opened up and the entire area with all its people and activity completely stopped. In the sky opening was a man, just standing there smiling. He was so peaceful and graceful just being there. I somehow knew who he was and I didn't have to say it. I knew what was happening. The opening was so beautiful, so High def, it was like seeing a sunrise from all angles and all distances. Suddenly the complete stillness was gone as massive winged being began flying everywhere. I'd estimate their height at 20 feet tall. They were brown, with eyes all over them. It was like they were just 4 wings attached to a body. One landed in front of me, shaking the ground and kicking up dust as everyone ran in terror and confusion. The dream was over. Later in my walk with God, I learned about the rapture, the seraphim, cherubim angels etc, and eschatology. I had no idea what I was dreaming until years later. 

John: United States
In my dream, I am leaving work with my coworkers early around 310 PM which is unusual. When we are outside, I hear a long and loud trumpet horn. I immediately know that Jesus is coming back. I also somehow know that everyone on Earth knows this too.  It doesn't matter if your Athiest, Christian, Muslim, or whatever, you know. I have this incredible overwhelming feeling knowing that this is the return of Jesus and all of my worries about money and everyday life no longer have any meaning. I immediately kneel on one knee and bow my head. I look up at the sky and the clouds are pulling together. A bright sphere similar to the Sun appears in between the clouds. It becomes larger and closer the longer I look at it, and then I wake up. When I wake up, I look on the internet for the trumpet sound I heard from my dream. It is from a shofar(a ram's horn). I have NEVER heard this sound and I have never heard of a shofar before this dream. This dream happened six years ago and I still think about it to this day. God bless.

Violet: United States
In my dream I was taken to heaven and I found myself surrounded by angels who brought me to a big temple look alike to a church made of gold; when I was guided in I noticed the church was full & painted with stunning frescoes/ paintings particularly in the ceiling. I noticed there was people like me sitting in benches and angels floating around us. I sat in the last row and noticed a high priest in white robe preaching to us, the audience. I got up to go to a lounge room and when I headed back the audience was gone and I felt fear so I was brought back by awakening sometime 1:30am

Tabitha: United States
Hello my name is Tabitha Lopez , I live in NJ and I recently have been re-gaining my relationship with God . I am living a new life putting the lord first . A lot has been changing in my life in a beautiful way , but last night I had a very scary beautiful and strang dream which some would call a nightmare . The dream occurred on 03/25/2016 (good Friday) and here is what happened . It was a beautiful sunny day in my home and me and my fiancé were looking out the window. All of a sudden I began to hear the most amazing beautiful music, like instruments that were made of gold and it was so beautiful I began to cry! I could not handle the beauty in it so I just kept crying, my fiancé asked me what wa wrong and I questioned him why doesn't he hear it . He then began to pray and listen closely and he started to hear it. The music began to play louder and louder until I felt the whole sky was filled with it, I then noticed the sky open into a beautiful path of light, seperating the clouds on each side. I looked out the window and began to see folks gliding into the sky so gracefully. It was beautiful , I didn't even notice I was floating. It was like a lift that you couldn't control but it was so loving and beautiful. It's a filling I really cannot describe, I held my fiancé Chris's hand and was so amazed. As soon as I began to get closer and I had a glance into the heavens my body began to slowly fall down just as gracefully and it was lifted . But this time I was crying in confusion. I was back onto land and noticed everyone confused. I ran to my house owner and she was there alone saying all her sisters went. When I called my family I was shocked to hear none of my family went but I have newborns and holy people in my family . Then dream ended there and I awoke very scared and in NEED of a prayer. Once everyone left my home I cried to the lord and asked if this was just a dream of a sign he needed me to find faith harder or he needed to talk to me. It has been a day now and I am scared to lookout my window in fear it will be all I see while others a joyful in heaven . Has anyone else has this kind of dream ?

krystina duron: United States
My first dream:
I had was jesus came down and took everyone he was going to take to heaven including myself but left my family behind including my children... I was screaming and crying! No one that i knew was going except me and i was devastated!

The second dream:
God took everyone to heaven my children my husband everyone in my family accept myself and a group of people! God was talking to us telling us what needs to be done to go it was physical work and we did it. One by one he took the group of people until i was the only one standing on earth alone. And he didn't take me! 

What does my dream mean? I've been asking God to communicate to me... I very rarely remember my dreams! I feel like God is trying to talk to me but i don't understand why these kids of dreams! HELP! 

Veronica: United Kingdom
About 25 years ago, I had a vision: 
I found myself on a circular piece of land with people from all over world; the sun was shinning and the atmosphere peaceful, cool and safe. The land was green and they were all looking in one direction. I thought to myself, what is wrong with these people? Why is no-one talking or smiling.  
I decided to run and get off this land, looking straight a head, it seemed like a white space of day,or a white cloud of space.  I thought if I could reach that white cloud of space, I would be able to come off this piece of land,and be a way from these people.  The nearer I got to the white cloud of space, the further it went away from me.  
I got tired, and decided to stop running, turned round and sat down just like the rest of the people.  When I looked, I could see the four corners of the earth on fire,  men, women, children of all ages; creed and colours, screaming, running whilst burning. 

The people sitting on the circle of land was in heaven witnessing  the judgement on earth.  
Outside of the land which was surrounded by a square represented the earth.   
In 2014, I became aware of the rapture.  I now understood the dream, and believe it to be the rapture although I do not know how or see how I got to the land.  I am now a Christian but not at the time when I had this vision; although I have always being a believer in God and taught about Jesus.  
The Lord Jesus is near, keep His commandments and the faith, prayer will reveal what we do not understand. One love! God bless.

Kristin: United States
Last night i dreamt my boyfriend and i were enjoying a lazy ride on a poontoon boat...suddenly larger boats appeared but didnt hit us..slowly the water dried up and the noat was skimming over green grass..over a hill animals came in 2's and i saw what i thought were blue jeans laying in the grass,but they were people...suddenly there was white light and the people in the grass started to float up toward the light,my boyfriend said "i dont think I can go" but we both began to float up and into the light.I was ecstatic and hugged him tight as we ascended.  I woke feeling elated and happy. He told me that i was laughing and hugging myself during the night. I pray all my loved ones will be going home when Jesus returns

Missy: United States
It was a summer morning. I was asleep in my bedroom. In an instant it was dark and windy and I could hear a helicopter overhead. Then I saw its search light. I thought they were looking for a bad guy in the neighborhood. Then as I went to the window to peek out, the light found me but I felt compelled to hide beneath the window -and I did. But somehow they knew I was there. They knew where everyone was. Then the helicopter was gone and the clouds began to roll back literally. I knew. I knew what this meant. The fear I felt was in my bones. There was no where to hide. All I wanted was a little more time. I just needed a little more time to get my life right but there was none. I woke in trembling,terrified fear. I shared it with anyone who'd listen. I said I'd live right from then on.   But that was about 2007. I didn't keep my word. But I am better now.

Michael: United States
Dream Log: 4:20am/5/25/2015: This is the time I woke up and on the morning it had happened.
Was looking out the window of the kitchen and a rock with holes shot straight upwards fast and quick. And saw it hit the moon in the sky and it was tumbling down. It had green looking colors on it. I shut my eyes and I was in a place of peace. Lots of lights calm.It was very quick like. Then I was back in my room. I ran upstairs and begged my sister to repent repent Amanda. And she did and I saw the light come from her eyes as she shut them. I Said we have to warn my parents and told my mom. But she said she has and she saw it. "Had not seen my dad in this dream." Then a loud boom hits the ground and we rushed to the basement and covered ourselves. Then I woke up. And I had caught myself saying Amen when waking up.
After some time of thinking about it. I think the lord our god was telling me it will come at the blink of an eye. And I urge anyone reading this to repent. Stay on the path of our savior.

krissy: United States
Last night I have the most real, scariest dream I've ever had in my life! I had a dream about the world ending! It was ur average end pf the world story, but in my dream tje most pronounced part was that there were four to eight faces made of the clouds that surrounded the world! As if someone were looking through a crystal ball at us it was so terrifying, and I don't know why that part stuck put the most for me!

Mindy: United States
Hi my name is Mindy. I had dreams before about the rapture. But neither of them were pleasant. And this is my 3rd one now.The other times I knew what they meant right away,because I was screaming and crying one more chance, that I'm not ready.But this one was more intense. I saw more of a horror. The first two dreams I only really saw the sky turn entirely black. The sky was more darkened in this dream,the water rose,I was outside. It was all happening so quickly.All the dreadful creatures were rising from the sea and my brother next to me began to have an asthma attack. Creatures were flying in the air. Water was heading toward me,and almost fearful, I kept saying the word lord.Not sure of anything really(not sure if that's my answer again that I'm not prepared), I began to question myself. I was lifted up only 5 inches above the ground by either the evil around me or God. But I got halfway nowhere. I need some loving advice. The hurtful truth of what this dream means.

Chinwendu: Nigeria
In my dream, i saw a coin like object floating on the sky with two heads drawn on it and it looked so real. I kinda flew up to get a better view and out of excitement, i rushed down towards my house to get my phone with thoughts of taking pictures. But on coming out, i did not see the object again rather i saw different images of elderly men all surrounding the sky and right in their middle "i saw an image that was more attracting than the others, an image that looked more like that of Our Lord Jesus Christ".
It was not that clear enough to describe but something inside was telling me this was the Son of Man, and telling by the way the sky was busy changing and with the noises everywhere, i knew something was really happening, i knew the end was here.
So i rushed back in and started praying for forgiveness of sins, on coming out again "all the faces and images i saw before where all gone". Now the sky got a bit dark and right there in my presence, fire balls started falling from the sky. 
The entire neighborhood was all burning up, more like a rain of fire or something like that. The fire now started forming flowing puddles of hot fire filled liquids (like a flood of water set on fire).
I was all alone with no one in sight, finally i spotted my little brother and another little girl who were all looking shocked and scared, i took them with me and we all took to the streets.
The whole place were still burning, the fire balls were still falling and the hot liquids were still flowing. At that moment something started draining me, i felt lost, so scared, i tugged and tugged,until finally i woke up...
I don't actually know the direction the dream was pointing at, but i knew one thing was real "i was not ready for Christ's coming"... That was my dream. 

Perla: United States
I dreamed that I was in my old house and the patio was full of people and one of my old friend was giving a speech about Jesus coming for us today and then I saw myself running to my back yard where my dad was drinking with some friends and family members. I then started telling my dad that God was coming and he had to come to us to be saved and he wouldnt listen to me. After that It started raining and there was thunder so I rushed to my parents where the speech was being given and then there were three black lights in the sky and then a bright one with God in a cross looking down on earth and then i felt a warm touch in my chest and I started flying up towards Jesus with other people. What does this mean ? Does this mean I am on the right track wit Jesus ? The rapture is coming soon? What can it mean ??

Jessica: United States
 I had a dream this morning that I was on my way to pick up my daughter I was in the car with my cousin and I was about to turn the corner I see a cloud of  Jesus on the cross I tell my cousin to take a picture of the cloud quickly and she told me she could on her cell. I to her ok i will turn around and you can do it on my phone. When I turned around I told my cousin I want to go to the building where I lived when I was young to I could lay on the roof and watch the clouds. I love to watch the sky since I was a child. Some how I ended up laying on the sidewalk and the cloud were moving very fast I see a cloud of a white horse and something else. The people on the street are freaking out. As I'm laying on the ground I saying to the people The words of John Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus is coming. The sky had gotten very dark and I see a man naked the dark pushing garbage to the curb I ask him what's he doing  and  he says you see all the red  lights which were the break lights of the cars so this didn't make sense to me. He says to me the red lights mean another soul as been accepted to Hell. I Was confused in the dream. Than I woke up. 

Josefine: Australia
Dear Gary,
I too as many others have had a dream of the great upcoming rapture. My dream is very symbolic and not more than slightly similar to yours. 
I was a goose flying around on a ship ( the ship being a symbol and the goose part sounds crazy but it's all symbols ). 
 There were very few geese, only around 7 or 8. When I ( a brown goose ) flew outside I saw one of the worst storms I have ever seen. 
People were going under the waves and houses where being crushed. During this catastrophe the clouds lit up and shining beams of light shone through. 
I heard a deep voice, almost frightening but somehow reassuring and calming stated, " You have been chosen. " and through the clouds I flew up into the light...I woke up after that.

Gilbert: United States
Wasn't exactly a dream. I was asleep last night and suddenly I was awake floating up from my bed. It must have lasted 3-5 seconds. In these few seconds, I knew this was the rapture and I was in complete shock /relief that it was happening. Then it just ended. I didn't wake up, but I knew it wasn't real. Bizzare. I think the weirdest part was that this "dream" was happening at the exact moment and place I was at. It was dark in my room but I could see. It felt so real and tangible in a sense. 

Sindy: South Africa
Hi My name is Sindisiwe i had the same dream of rapture 10/01/2016 i was already inside the bus talking to a young lady who told me that his child of about 4 years of age used to have dreams of the world ending(earthquakes,fire balls and black clouds) but will use a remote to put things back where they were, i told her i had the same dream twice where i had to use a remote and press backward button. after a few second the bus roof opened and  all people in the bus were ruptured including myself, i then saw a group of people left behind and the ground became darker, but what worries me is that while we were going up there was a man holding me at the back of my waist and did not know why and i could not sense whether it was a human or what.

Jessica: United States
I have just woken up, and I also had a dream symbolic to the rapture. My dream was what was happening I believe right before the rapture was going to begin. We were at my old Elementery School, and several people I grew up with at church, in school, and work were all with me and more. There was this "evil" man and he was killing looking for a way to kill everyone. He would put them in games and if they lost, they were shot. I had a moment to myself in the dream and prayed to God that I knew I was in his hand and everything would be okay even if I was killed. I prayed with several other people, a little girl about 4 I remember the most, and we prayed for her salvation. Not even a few seconds later she was put into a game and killed. God spoke to me in prayer telling me in the dream that he was about to "open the rapture" which I have no idea why he said that, because know one will know when it happens, it will be in the blink of an eye. My only concern is why at that moment in my dream, was I intcipating to be killed, I wanted to be killed and go to heaven as the others, why at that moment didn't I reassure myself I'm about to go to heaven, the Lord is coming to get all of us saved soon! This dream opened my eyes tremendously. 

Michael: United States
Hey! I'm a teenager and I had a dream of the rapture.. But it was a little different. The sky cracked open slowly but you couldn't really tell what it was at first BUT the believers knew what it was and  immediately started praying! I begged for forgiveness. To figure out you made it in or not, you had to walk through this like machine.. It was like a metal detector...and If you made it you were given a ticket with the number 7.. I assume the ticket with 6 meant you went to hell.. But I felt great and it was the best feeling ever to know I was going to see my GOD this dream also woke me up though.. Because I know I'm not doing the best I can to show god how much I love him... I'm going to are you?? (1/2/16)

Emma: United States
I had a dream last night that it was just a average day and suddenly trumpets started to play, everybody ran outside and began to look into the sky. It was bright and you could see angles coming from the clouds picking people and bringing them heaven. They came and picked everybody around me but I was left with a few others.. Nobody came for me and the sky closed up again. I knew right away this was a sign that I need to change my life around and live the way the lord wants me to. I believe He's coming sooner then we think! 

Linda: United States
I have had several rapture dreams over the past few years. Always a bit different but same in a way. 
My dream: 
I was home with my children and family. I saw a deep light flash throughout the world, and in an instant they were gone. 
I remember feeling his presence all around and then, there he was. I talked to him and expressed how much I loved him and  that I wanted to make things right. 
I remember that we were in a 2nd story apartment, and for some reason dogs from all around kept climbing to a window, and I let them all in.

I had a dream of the rapture this last week. October 2015. I was looking at a row of people. The first person's body started rising up with their glorified body from the row and I saw their legs and feet. Their legs were short as of a child. Then the Holy Spirit missed the next two people in the row the third person started to be raised up and received their glorified body. They had long legs as of a man. I then saw an large area into which people who had glorified bodies were walking. There were a few at first and as I looked the whole area filled up with many people. I believe in the rapture. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. I pray that we will be ready for Him when He comes to fetch us.

AngelB: South Africaa
Praise God my name is AngelB and I'm a born again. This year 2015 I had a dream I think 3 times. It was a repture. I was at home then I saw fire balls coming down to earth from the sky. It destroyed the non believers and the believers were all saved. The second dream it was also fire like a volcano coming from the ground it destroyed again. Third dream it was like a city like a new beginning the city appeared out of no where people were amazed. Praise God I'm still praying for these dreams amen. God bless you

Vanessa: United States
This morning I had a very bizarre dream where I saw demons scratching at my arms. When I originally went to help, they were human and lifeless, I was trying to help, then their eyes turned a glowing green and they had evil voices.
They clawed at my arms, I prayed to the Lord in my dream and then a crown of  thorns was shoved onto my hands. I don't know if we were being pulled up or pushed down, I think up by the demons but down by the crown. Everything disappeared instantly.
I awoke and wondered about it all. I prayed that the Lord would reveal what this meant to me. I fell back asleep and dreamt of an end times war.
It started with what looked like stars going into the sky. Missiles I assume. Then I called my mother and told her I loved her and that the phone lines might go down due to govt. shutting down satellites, to bring the family to my farm and be safe and to know above all we are Saved through Christ.
Military was occupying the streets and trying to force me to get this electronic stamp of some sort or implant up. I refused and my husband and I fought them, they weren't human though, exterior yes but they were alien or robot like.
It was all odd, I had no influences for any of the dreams. I worked in my greenhouse the night before and mowed the grass. Idk.... Christ return is soon, spread his word and save souls! 10/12/15

Fonda: United States
I dreamt of Jesus' return last night. I was outside and it seemed that people were all around me. The sky was blue and there were clouds. Beautiful white clouds. The sky seemed to zoom in and everyone looked up. I knew what was happening immediately and then the sky opened a little and I heard Jesus say, "Whoever shall believe in me will speak my name." And I began to reach for Him and shout his name over and over. That was it. The dream ended. I feel He is coming soon! 

Maria: United States
Hello I'm Maria, I wanted to run this by everyone. 
I had a dream this morning at 5 am. I was standing out side and it was dark, and a light came from the sky. The clouds cleared and souls started getting sucked into the sky. The bodies where left behind everywhere.. In the sea and on the ground. After it happened there was chaos. 
I'm not sure what to think but I know what I have to do; because it is real and it is going to happen, we don't know when. In the bible it states that after the 7years of hell on earth Jesus will come back and reign for one thousand years; the heavens and the earth will melt, and he will make a new earth. There will also be some ones who are left behind to help those that are fallen..that are lost. Today is Oct 9th 2015

MP: United States
I first had this dream a while back, and have had it more then once. I cant remember all of it, but the parts I do remember seemed very real. The part I remember is waking up and hearing a loud trumpet sound so loud it gave me chills, and all went silent. I tried hollering at Justin and checking on my kids; I could see them but they could not hear me. I had that dream a few times. 
All I can remember from the dream last night is seeing something red in the sky. I am not sure what it was but i remember telling someone in my dream,"that's how you know the end is near." 
I do not know when the end will come, nor do the angels, or the son, but I believe it is closer then we all think!!! could you please tell me what these dreams mean?

Ronald: United States
I dreamed that I was floating up to heaven being raptured.  As I was floating up I saw people standing on the ground and I was saying goodbye to them. I woke up what does that mean?
I have been getting closer to God and have been changed drastically by Him for the good before this dream.

Becky: United States
The earth flooded then water turned to fire then horses with knights riding came out of the fire. Michael the archangel fell from heaven hurt from battling satan an his army. I helped him up and he was trying to talk to me and I was afraid and asked him to pray with me. He prayed with me then returned to battle outside. 

Amber: United States
Hello, my name is Amber Sarles, and I have had similar dreams to those on this website. I mainly have my religious dreams when at my grandparents house in FL, which is my home land. I am 23, and have resided in KY almost all of my life. I had this dream of the rapture when I was 17 or 18? Anyway, on my last night in FL when I dreamed of being in an library, and after a grand father clock had struck, it then sounded off, "Ding ding ding," 3 times. It was the most eery feeling. I looked up at the clock and saw that time had stopped! That's when I knew that it was time. Jesus was coming, I began to shout "Jesus is coming." 
I ran into the streets only to see terror. People where vanishing right before my eyes. I ran as fast as I could, still shouting, "Jesus is coming. this is the end!" 
As I passed more people on the street, I got snide looks. Some flashed their teeth at me, and I knew they where demons! Then I entered a house and saw people I new partying. I tried to stop the music, only to be stopped. Again some were showing their teeth, and others were disappearing. Then I awoken, startled at what I had just seen. 
I am not sure if it meant that I needed to be saved, however, I have always believed in God, even thru bad times in my life, and had accepted them as what he intended. Can u please tell me about my dream? 
I have have also dreamed about being a warrior and coming down to fight with other warriors and angels. Other then my religious dreams I have in FL, I have nightmares, mainly about being hurt by people, and always trying to escape. 
I just would like to know the interpretation of these dreams.


Sharlita: United States
I had a dream about the rapture in which I was left behind, I saw souls going up to heaven, I was praying so hard askn God to forgive me for my sins, and begging him to please take me and not to leave me behind, and in the dream I as telling people about the dream I had about the rapture, and the mother of a family friend as telling me the dream meant for me to get my life together, then I woke up from the dream and I dreamed a similar dream about the rapture happening again, there were loud thunders coming from the sky but it was very sunny out, so when I went outside to look in the sky a lot of people were already outside looking in the sky listening to the loud thunders then the rapture happened, the sky never opened, it was just sooooo beautiful, the Lord is coming back sooner than we think and we all must get our lives together!!! please pray for me as I will pray for the world.

Michelle: United States
I had a dream that I was in a privacy fenced in huge bone yard it smelled of death an I was walking on skeletons of people then I found my self in the midst on a wooden pig pen porch like thing and I was holding a pink baby pig an all the sudden Jesus came thru the gate of the yard and as he stepped thru all of the dead people started disappearing an I was hanging on to my pink pig sayi,g how much I loved it , I have never forgotten this dream it meant something to me but I just don't understand it

MILAN: India 
I slept at 4am today morning, n i had this dream *i saw ufo landing n some aliens coming out of it n i was scared n ran away to the top of a beautiful hill n while i was tired,i rested my body n sudden my eyes caught a satellite falling in the ground n while watching the satellite falling i heard a loud thunder sound its lightning was so high , it felt like a mid day...n all of a sudden my eyes saw a big meteor falling nearly a mile n it was end of the world... I felt my soul floating in sky n while i my soul was on a way to skies, i felt really hot,i felt im half way to hell but suddenly i woke up...n started to shiver for about 1 hour...* was this sign of end of world.or its my end

Lori: United States
I dreamt that I had a dream that my neighbor and myself were talking in my back yard then right behind the sky opened and people were ascending to heaven but my neighbor and myself weren't chosen

Brittany: United States
I've had three VERY VIVID dreams about the rapture. 
The first one: I was in a random building, I was "working". All of a sudden I see everybody in the office stand up and look out the huge glass windows at the sky. I went, and saw Jesus in cloud form. (We all just knew it was Him) He was raising his arms up and when he let them down, there was suddenly an Earthquake and the building was shaking... it went black. I woke up. 
My Second dream: I was in my house with my family and then all of a sudden my grandma was being raised to the sky.. I was too.. but then I was let back down. She was gone. She disappeared. I then woke up. 
My last dream: ...the best one.. I was being raised up to the sky.. it was very bright, and white, and cloudy. I then stopped and saw a HUGE gate... with angels around it. The gate and angels were VERY blurry. But I could still make everything out.. 
Then I saw Jesus.. He appeared in front of the gate also.. His face was a bit blurry, but again.. I knew it was Him. It was quiet for a second and then there was singing. I'm not sure if it was Jesus or the angels, or both. It was a manly deep voice singing "hello... hello... hello" (it sounded like hello.. could of been another word, all I know is that is was said three times). 
I then woke up, and was so WARM and felt so happy. It was a feeling I can't really describe. It was amazing.  

Tino: United States
I've been having rapture dreams or visions, 6 of them since 2013. In these dreams I see people glowing blue and rapidly being pulled up to heaven. I'm usually doubtful but as my turn comes, I am also taken, but with fear because I'm scared of heights, and because it happens suddenly with No warning. I am a Christian. 

Lori: United States
I had a dream about the rapture I had a dream that my neighbor and myself were talking then the sky opened up and god took his people went to heaven but we were not chosen what does it mean.

Marietji: South Africa
Dreamed about the rapture, war and i was protecting a young child

Leeana: United States
What does it mean when you have been shown, through dreams, heaven and hell (two of heaven and 5-7 of hell). Then starting having dreams of the rapture? Yes, dreams- like 5-10 of the rapture in which, two at most you are raptured, and the others you are left behind? It would take me DAYS to type what i have seen through these three types of dreams. That's why I am asking for help in just having the dreams themselves...

Austin: United States
I had a dream that I was with some friends and we were walking and I looking in the sky and I could see angels that were n a slim part of clouds. I told my friends and they started freaking out. Then after a while I looked back into the sky. It was the most beautiful eat thing I have ever seen. It was a light and dark orange color and I could see Angels in cloud figures and big horns coming from the sky. They looked like they were being used but I couldn't hear them. I think people started to disappear and I didn't know what to do. I got on my knees and started praying. I said " God please save me, I'm sorry for everything I've done. I need you and Jesus in my life and I feel like it's too late. "I started to cry as I thought I wasn't going to be saved. I don't know why I couldn't hear the horns. I said " God, I'm all yours lord. Please take me, take me, take me." I had no response. Then, it all went faded and I woke up.

Linn: Norway
In my there was kaos, and zombies, and it was the rapture. People were being taken up to the air.. I was first taken up and then cast back down, where i had to help others who suffered the hard times, and I sacrificed my self to help them. In the bible it stands about one left behind and one is taken .. Believe in Jesus do not lose faith.
I also had a dream that you don't have to lose the faith, even if it includes death and terrible tings.. Have trust.. in YHWH, and Jesus as the Messiah.

Linda: United States
I dreamed it was just before sunrise and I awoke because there was a sound combination of "shhhhhh" and "hummmmmm". The sound was vibrating healing. I looked up in my bedroom (ceiling disappeared) and I saw a huge creature floating past overhead the sound was coming from it.
I saw spirits of people being sucked upward. I started to cry "Holy Sprit am I being left behind" The Holy Spirit said "Be at rest beloved you are not being left behind. Then we both laughed.
When I woke there was a break through in my home. The air seemed really clean. The smell and the atmosphere of my home changed. I feel stronger, bolder, braver. Peaceful.  

Marquitta: United States
As I was worshiping I seen I was being rowed on a cloud and as air was in the midst of the clouds I began to see a kingdom and I kept worshiping. And I seen two doves fly from me towards the kingdom

Reno: United States
I too had a dream that I believe is the rapture. The strange thing is that I never knew what the rapture was before my dream. I had told my friend who at the time was a very educated on the bible. I then told my grandma who was a lot more literate.
Like all my dreams, I do not know the beginning or the end. But I do remember the middle just enough to explain what the story was about.
I was near this opened grass field and near it was this castle that later turned out to be my middle school. Setting always changed rapidly for me.
As I left the school going home, I turned back, which is also a church that I forgot to mention and seen a huge mountain about several miles away. On top of that mountain was a huge dark cloud forming, leading that cloud was a man or God with I believe a cannon of some sort?
I'm not sure if that was a resemblance to Gabriel's horn but nothing loud was in my dream other than hard gust of wind and rain. Somehow I begin running down a street that was cracking apart as the what seemed like the world was turning 90 degrees. I ran into what looked like a funeral home and that was pretty much all I remember.
I understand everything you are saying and your relationship with God is what is something I want but can't feel. I need signs or a connection. I don't pray as much as I should and when I do, I sometimes feel safe.
I wish I can dedicate most of my time with God but the world is getting in my way. I am 21, the decisions I make I know are sins. When I grow my own family I want them and my self to be connected with the lord just as much with each other.
I guess what I am really asking is his guidance. I want to live life to the fullest, I want him to take me places and meet people that he created. And in return help others who need help. Better living, better lives , better community.
I feel something telling me that rapture will not be soon, because we still have empty seats in our flight to Heaven. Amen


Violet: United States
I was awake and a vision of a tall figure dressed in white rob with a deep red like scarf I could not see a face or feet, than I saw a hand pushing out for me as if to say take my hand.
As time went on I had a dream I was in a car and I looked up and it was this huge not small form of a man coming down in the clouds. I remember crying saying "look do you see it," over and over, pointing at the clouds, do you see it?  

Destiney: United States
April 4th, 2015 the night before Easter Sunday I had a very vivid dream, but am unsure and confused on what or who came to me. The dream and our exact setting:
Sleeping, my husband was up, eyes opened wide tapping me trying to awake me. Finally I was awake and he says, look its right there, look. Cover was over my head, body has chills, scared.
I look beyond the cover and a woman in black was walking across the living room floor towards my 8 month old baby, and she grabs him. Now without fear I demand to know why she is taking my baby. She only replies, Jesus is coming.
I knell before her asking if Jesus has forgiven me for my sin, she replied, that's up to you. I tell my son, son remember me and know that i love you, then I watched as my child walked away with this figure. That's the dream.
I wake up with chills, near to tears. seconds after I wake up my baby wakes up crying. While trying to go back to sleep I feel as if someone is sitting my chest trying to choke me, and I wake up again, immediately.
The next day I was explaining my dream to my sister, who we are staying with. I was in the middle of explaining the figure when my 3 year old explained it before I could get my words out.

Tiffany: United States
I was walking in a field and all of a sudden every pore on my skin began singing out "He is here! He is here!!"
Next, I was face down on the ground. The dry grass was touching my nose and I could see Him above me although I was face down.. He was in the air above me with millions of souls with Him..
I cried out, "Please don't leave me here Lord," and instantly I was drawn in the air feeling the entire force in my thorax area..He took me with Him...
Thank You Jesus ...I had this dream about 15 years ago.

Victor: United States
My friend and I ran up to a man in a white robe,we tried to look at his face but it was too bright. He held on to our shoulders as we flew up in the sky so fast. Then we arrived to Golden gates (I knew it was heaven) the golden gates opened and then BAMMM! I woke up, I wish my dream was longer.

Logan: South Africa
Dreaming of white flashy lights falling out of heaven, a big white horse and a human figure with big white wings sitting on the horse, telling me to fix things and then he will come and fetch me again.

Mark: United States
Rapture: I certainly hope it's soon. It's unbelievable how evil people can be, how asleep the church is. My wife was woken up last year in the summer by a loud voice saying, I AM COMING BACK SOON!" Dee:
It is reassuring to know that others are having the same types of dreams, confirming that Jesus is coming sooner than some of us may think. Over the last year or so I have had repeated dreams of the rapture and Jesus saying He is coming soon. I love the Lord with all my heart.
This morning I had another one of those dreams that left me totally shaken. I was shaking and found it even hard to pray out loud as my heart was racing so fast.
I dreamt that someone was saying that something had some years ago but cannot remember for sure but 19 seem to be in the year, then the voice was saying that the time had come and the next thing I know was that the rapture had taken place.
A voice was telling me what was happening in my spirit and saying, "Congratulations" to those who were in the rapture as they were ready.
I could sense people leaving this earth but could not see them, but was quite afraid as I felt I would also be going up, but did not experience the actual event. I woke up with my heart beating really fast and very afraid about being left behind, which is usually the case after these kinds of dreams.
I could not even get up after the dream but prayed for myself and for all those who do not know Jesus, including the Muslims, some of who are so sincere, but sincerely wrong about Jesus.
Thank you for this forum as it continues to encourage us all to be ready for leaving this world before the Anti-Christ takes center stage.

Sergio: United States
As I was sleeping I was having a dream. The dream was about the rapture, at least I think it was. Well in my dream me and my friend and two brothers were playing outside in my back yard, and I was painting my bike.
I got thirsty so I went inside my house, opened the fridge and got a soda, and offered my friend one. He didn't want any so I gave him a monster which he gladly took.
As I walked outside the sky turned black and I saw a huge cross in the sky. There was red, white, blue, and yellow lightning in the background. We heard voices from the sky which I'm guessing was Jesus or god himself.
We all went on our knees and started praying and repenting and I called my mom outside to see what's going on outside, and as soon as I did time started to go slow, as everything was in slow motion. We were all crying. Everything felt so real. I was scared cause I thought our time was up. T
Then I woke up sweating, a lot, and my heart beating really fast as If I were working out a lot. Then my heart started skipping for a few minutes. Don't know if it was a nightmare or a vision, but this was pretty weird.

Austin: Nigeria
This is the fourth time I have had these dreams about rapture... funny enough I didn't make heaven 3 times, I only made it once... those 3 times is much more worse than a scary movie...I cried out my eyes and even when I woke up I could see tears on my cheek.
I pray God helps me, may his Grace continue to lead us

Sara: Canada
I had a dream of seeing a white horse glowing brightly in a bright light in the sky feeling that God sent the white horse for me to see in the sky Lakeisha: United States I saw Jesus in the bright light of the rapture. Both of my love ones were gone, and there was only me, I was left behind. Jesus turn ed his head away from me, and I'm afraid I'm going to go to hell. I want to go to heaven.

Kevin: United States
This is my second dream about the rapture, but I like this one much better than the first.
I was in my house one afternoon and I saw my spirit just leave my body and rise up through the top of the house through the clouds and sky. I saw this gate on top of the clouds and went through it.
There were people there, some I knew and some I did not know; then I  saw Jesus in person, his clothes, his face, body, everything.  He touched me and then said something to me, but I have forgotten what He said.

Victoria: United States
I had a dream about two women in a car driving and they were taken quickly in the Rapture.
Then flying from the sky came a large white pure dove that flew toward me, and it consumed my entire body. Please help me understand what The Lord is saying to me.

Olumide: Nigeria 
Hi, funny enough i have been living my life waywardly and never thought I could repent and submit my life to christ, until I had this very short rapture dream. I was watching a TV program, by a pastor i don't really know but it was all about Jesus, i was so deep in thought and seriously listening to the man of God. After a few minutes there was a black out, but before the black out i saw the man of God departed. As soon as this happened, I heard a loud sound of trumpets it sounded loud and unpleasant, i was bemused not until I found myself departing also it was dark that i could hardly see anything. It felt like reality and i had this strong omen in the dream that it reality and that i was departing to hell. Not until I struggled and realized that It was a dream.
Please, right now I am so scared and really don't know what it means.

Emonie: United States 
My dream was about the beginning of the end me and my family were in my room and we werent older ot anything we all seemed the same age as now and me and my mom and aunt were on my bed my sister on hers and out of no where there was a silence then the sky turned bloodshot red and people were beginning to go up into the sky and my aunt was too busy on her phone and we were charging our phones but in my dream i was aware that no one in the room including me was taking up to heaven. 

Josh: United States 
Not sure what it meant, but last night i had a real startling dream. It was sunny outside and i was with my family. All of a sudden the Sky turned pitch black. i turned to my famil and asked why the sky got black all of a sudden and it was as if they didnt realise it did. but upon me stating the sky was dark they soon realised it to. then facing my family i heard a loud horn, the kind of horn that had weight to it and carried, something you would hear in a lord of the rings movie, it had alot of bass and depth. i turned around and comming out of the clouds were giant rocks of fire coming and hitting the earth. i turned to my grandmom and said we need to leave, she turned to me and said i have faith or something and im staying right here. now this would normally not phase me but i havent had a dream like this in a long while. i still see it in my head. the wird thing is i woke up for about 5 minutes and went back to sleep only for the dream to resume. im not really a major religious person and havent been to church in over a decade but it just struck me as something that i may never forget.

Carol : Canada 
I had several dreams I am taken away in the rapture and am so happi I am going and everything us awesume and have peace and then I am given a cup of water from Jesus. Trying to figure out why I am having these dreams. 

Barbara: United States
I have 2 dreams that have troubled me for many years. The first dream: I was standing in a field along with many other people. We were all working, the sun was shining and it was a bright clear sunny day. Suddenly, people began to scream and to run into the woods trying to hide. I stood there looking around trying to figure out why they were screaming and running, thats when I noticed that they were running and looking up into the sky. As I looked up into the sky, I saw a figure in a long white robe, i couldnt see the face because it was like sunlight. So I had to put my hand up to shield my eyes from the brightness of the face. Then I woke up.
My second dream:  Someone spoke to me and told me to "go out and tell the people they need to get saved because i'm coming back soon." I was immediately placed out on a sidewalk, in the town in which I grew up in and everytime someone pass by, I would tell them they needed to repent/get saved because jesus said he's coming back soon. People would laugh ad keep walking. Finally, I was knocked down on the sidewalk and spit on by people that walked by. Then, I looked up towards heaven and yelled out " Lord no one will listen", within a split second, the sun turned black and the moon was blood red. It was so dark, I couldnt see my head before me. All I could hear was people screaming and running, there were noises as if they were being attacked by animals. If someone could please help me to interpret these 2 dreams, I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Jamon: United States

This is not my first dream like this but in each one it happens all the same, in a blink of an eye. My dream is about the second coming. I'm going to share my most recent:
I was outside talking to a man when in a blink of an eye he starts to shake uncontrollably and before my eyes his spirit left his body, and not just him but nearly everybody who was around.
I was so shocked, not by what was going on, but shocked because I knew in my heart exactly what was taking place, the RAPTURE!
I instantly took off in fear because i was sure that I wasn't living according to Christ the best I could. But in an instant I was stopped and began to shake violently. M
y last words were, "Thank you Jesus."
EVERYBODY, it's coming faster then you think, but it does not have to catch everyone complete surprise, be ready and pray.
My other dreams are more complex but 
with the same message, "Don't get comfortable." 

Annabelle: Australia
I dreamt this dream like two months ago from today, (I'm in grade 11). Well it all started when i was at school and i was having fights with my friends, (right now my friends are not stable). I went to my church after school and someone was ill, I think it was my mum and she was in there. I prayed over her and then had this feeling in me that something strange was happening with the world.

I knew inside that it was the Rapture. After that we floated up,  and I had joy in me that I can't explain. I was happy that I was going to heaven, (in tears now) bcoz the joy brings tears, and when I looked down there were people that were still on earth, then I woke up.

Sooo I forgot all about the dream until last week when I went to church, and everything seemed similar. As we were singing praise my whole dream just came back to me, and I remembered it. Right now I'm having problems with my friends.

I think the time is near because somewhere in the bible God said he would pour Holy Spirit on his kids in the end of time, where they will 
have visions.... God bless xx

Sarah: United States
I had a dream where i was at a party and all of a sudden i was with my boyfriend we all went up in the air i saw the stars it was beautiful all my friends went up but after couple mins in air my boyfriend and i came back to our bodies and most of our friends stay with god i think it was a rapture dream i am not sure 300 people went missing i just wanted to share thanks Sarah

Gene: United States
I had a dream I think it was about the rapture. One night I could not find my parents, I yelled and yelled and no answer, I then stumbled upon their clothes laying on the ground. Realizing what happened I looked up to the sky, the stars then began to fall and that's when I woke up. I am assuming I was left behind.

One night I had a rapture dream that seemed very real. Jesus was here and took those who believed in him, and had God in their heart.
Others, who had turned their back on him, were shouting, take me. It was just like in the Bible.
I truly know that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are in my heart, and hope the ones who don’t know Him, will.

Even if scientists could make a human they could never create it so perfectly, nor give it a soul.
God is forever and ever

Tahbisa: Australia

I had a rapture dream last night where I heard the trumpet and saw angels with jesus coming down as people were going up, the sound of the trumpet was unlike anything I have heard.

Mika: United States
e had a series of rapture dreams and of the great tribulation. The first dream was that I was awaiting the delivery of child at a local hospital w family.

The sky was darkened and filled w clouds, it began to rain blood, and I sensed Jesus was returning. In the dream I began to plead w my family to accept Christ with urgency.

As I pleaded, i looked out the window and heard a loud sound greater than the loudest thunder. Jesus was in the sky coming on a cloud.i also saw a winged creature, similar to a leopard with 3 sets of wings.

After the rapture i saw the decimation of the land, the sky was no longer recognizable, stars had fallen and it looked like several low lying moons? The sky was neither light nor dark but dusk continually, the land stripped bare with many wide open spaces and few houses.

I saw the torment of the people left behind without the mark of the beast. Men, women, children slaughtered, burned alive and constantly in fear, running from a military force dressed in all black with black tanks crushing through safe houses, killing many w utter disregard and cruelty. My heart was deeply overwhelmed as i saw a few people i know personally

When i awoke i fell to my face, praising God for hours continuously, in tongues.

Davonte: United States
I had prayed to god to reveal to me anything he wants me to know. I had a dream of the rapture. I didn't necessarily 'see' jesus. I guess he used my brother to represent himself probably for my own good. I saw something like the judgement seat of Christ. But I don't remember much more. I didn't see heaven. I wasn't in hell either as I wasn't suffering. I saw my name in the book. But he crossed it off. But I was not condemned. Perhaps it was a warning of the real thing.

Justus: United States
Hey everybody. last night 12/12/14 I had a dream unlike any other I have ever had. I don't remember a lot of it but here is the parts I remember.
I was at my little cabin we have on our land (not sure why I was there), when all of the sudden there is a big b000m that felt very real, and I appeared out in a field somewhere. (after the boom its almost like i woke up in a gut busting fear.)
I went back to sleep and the dream continued, in the field was a lot of people, and as I remember, they looked really mean!
Was the boom i heard in my dream the rapture taking place? I feel this dream was not an ordinary dream because it wont leave my mind. I hope God sends me more so it will make since and I can share it.

Jessica: United States
"The Rapture - A Dream within a Dream"
I had a dream back in 2009 concerning the Day of the Lord, it was so terrifying, the sky turned black and stars were falling from the sky. I could not escape the terror no matter where I ran. This is when I did was an unbeliever, and I had no clue what the dream meant at the time.

Last month, well
last week, I had a dream that I had turned back to my old lifestyle. I was cheating on my husband, drinking, partyin,g and I had a very vulgar tattoo on my chest.

In the dream, I was a security guard at a convenient store. While
patrolling the grounds, I fell asleep outside. I woke up and saw many moons. I was aware I was dreaming. Since I had a dream the week before with many moons and a blood moon I wanted to make sure that I counted these. I counted five moons.

I was happy to have counted them, but then the clouds moved out of the way and they were everywhere. The moons changed their appearance and were now glorified bodies being raptured. I thought to myself, the Lord must be showing me the rapture. Then the bodies began moving, and I got fearful.

I begged and pleaded with the Lord to
take me with him. I repented and told him I was not worthy, and I was late, but to please not leave me here.

That’s when a tunnel appeared. It was colorful
, and looked like it had stars the entire length. I ascended through the tunnel to Heaven. I saw what appeared to be God or Jesus. He was about five or 6 stories tall,
and very wide. He appeared to be, pure Gold.

I had no control of my body
and just floated right through heaven and to the 1st heavens (the sky). It was
as if the Lord was giving me a tour. I saw mountains, oceans, and much beauty. I told the Lord he was amazing and that his work was beautiful.

Then I awoke telling
my husband about what I has seen. I told my grandmother, but she did not believe me. I
got off my work shift to head home, and that is when I really woke up. A dream within the dream.

The Lord is returning soon, and he is calling his people to
repentance. Thinking that I was going to be left was the worst feeling ever.

Bonny: United States
I recently had a vision, not a dream about the rapture. But it was peaceful, it was about an airliner. This large jet, was sitting on top of a large body of water, it was nighttime. These entities, they were like white misty beings, coming out of the plane. I don't know, but it was very impactful and upsetting.

Allen: United States
Tonight I also had a dream of the rapture to come, but more than that in my dream I saw the judgment of God fall upon those who were left here. I felt the weight of Gods judgment and their eternal damnation. I saw people being herded onto buses being driven to the pit to be cast in. I saw the hopelessness on their faces. I saw the pit where they were being placed. Time is short and fast approaching the rapture i do believe. God have mercy on us and tary a little longer that we may warn people of the wrath to come.

Sontinish: United States

Recently I had a dream about what I think was a rapture. In my dream, our fate was determined by horses. if you had a white horse you were going to heaven and you began to float up into heaven and if you had a Black horse you were going to hell. I;m not sure what my dream means but I'm pretty sure its a sign from the Lord. I would consider myself a Christian because i go to church and i pray when I can but its so hard for me to talk to the Lord because I've always been judged by the things I do, and I feel like God wouldn't want to hear what I Have to say. Trust me I fear God and I love him! but I am so scared to talk to him and its so hard to stop cursing and stop smoking. I'm trying but not hard enough I need to push myself harder and focus and put him first because he is worthy to be praised!

I had a dreamed that I saw Jesus in the form of a man, on a cross like a cloud, crucified. He raised and pointed His left hand at the cross, and pointed his right hand to beyond the clouds. About 15 people were coming out of the cloud, and lined up side by side.
I ran to get a bible and to tell my mother that Jesus is back, and she  told me she already  knew.., (she has been dead for 9yrs).
So I got the holy Bible and tried to read, and I Saw Jesus on Every page.
One of the ladies told me to, come on, there is no reason to hide, this is end.
I was dead, but alive in judgement. 
This is my dream this morning. I believe the world will end soon

Nicola: India
It was the most terrifying dream ever: "I was at the top floor with all of my family members. The sky was grey, and there was no sun or moon to be seen. It looked exactly as though it was about to rain. it was not raining actually, but the sky was dark.

We all knew the rapture was going to happen. I quickly asked the people around me for their forgiveness for all the things I've had done wrong.

Then I prayed, asking for forgiveness. After I was  done praying, I was quite nervous, for fear I might be the only one left behind."

Then, to my expectation, the others vanished. I stood there alone. I was left behind. I would  rather die than see this in reality.

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