"Dreams and Visions
Of Jesus"

Dreams and Visions of Jesus

Dreams of Jesus

Amberly: United States
I dreamed of being in a medical center with people. I remember being informed I was free to go. That it was time for me to go. But I wouldn't a man was next to me ( Jesus ) I got this feeling that was so Divine being in his  presence. He looked at me asked me basically what are you waiting for? I told him something deeply personal from my past something that has stayed with me. Explaining to him that "that" is holding me back from moving forward. I remember him just looking forward nodding his head.  There was no judgment From him. Nor did he tell me what I should do. But at the same time that  nod  spoke volumes . I know In my heart he was telling me I can't let what has happened to me in my past hold me back from living. That I need to live. Not just  exist 

Lbari: India
This morning 26/7/2017 I had a  dream that I know would change my life forever. I was on the terrace of my house, didn't know what I was doing there (probably collecting the dried off clothes from the hangers) when suddenly there were thick clouds in the sky, lights flashing out from these clouds and from these clouds I saw a light so bright and on that light I saw the Son of God Jesus, dress in white robe and a golden string tied around His waist, His hair was so shiny and golden and He's so fair and beautiful. At His sight I fell down on my knees and couldn't lift my head to see him cause the light was so bright and it could hurt my eyes. I exclaimed Jesus. I felt like crying as I said to Him to forgive my sins. I told him that I've change and lead a good life knowing that you are my Lord and Savior. What He told me made me ponder the whole day what message he want to convey to me. He told me,"You didn't do what I told you to do. You did what I didn't tell you to do." Before I could ask Him what He actually what me to do, I woke up. I really what to know what God wants from me. Can anyone help?

Stephen: United States
I had just moved to Florida in 2nd grade I am a sophomore in college now but I remember feeling unwanted at school and not really fitting in. I wasn't depressed but Very sad. I fell asleep in the family room that night and I was suddenly awoken, the sky was a blue that wasn't bright but not dark either. I remember looking out the window and seeing the palm trees and flowers we had in the backyard sway side to side; I was attracted to look out the window and not look away for some reason then out of nowhere I heard a noise like I never heard before it was very soothing. As I kept looking I saw something appear thru the trees and as it got closer it began to shine like a star so bright I couldn't see anything as where it's head would be. I was looking so curios and as I gazed at the light I heard a voice so "Walk with me" and then I woke up at peace. 
Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Stephen: United States
I dreamed that I was on a beach with Jesus at my side and a fish between us and the devil. Jesus told me not to be afraid and go get the fish that was between us and the devil. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

Kerry: United States
I dreamed I heard something or someone outside my bedroom window & I want to my window to look out & I saw 3 men walking down our driveway toward the house. I kept watching them as themselves closer & seen they were wearing robes & as they got even closer I seen the man in the middle & said ohhh my God, its Jesus, & I woke up... Of course after I woke up I ran to my window to look out but there was no one there

Ulrike: United States
I was Dreaming i was outside a cemetery with my friend walking away from the cemetery and jesus was there, as a turned around and looked at him and he wanted my friend to come to him but she kept walking. I turned to him and said I always wanted to do something if i saw Jesus and he ask me what it would be and i said give you a kiss on the cheek. He opened his arms wide hugged me tight and i gave him a kiss on his cheek. then i woke up.

Angel: Philippines
Last night dated May 15,2017 Philippine date/time: I had this strangest dream ever in my life I know i had a lots of creepy dreams, I already dreamed talking to God,seeing God,the happenings on earth,talking to Virgin Mary and i know that this dreams are how the way God communicates me. I am a catholic but i didnt often go to church. I just prayed and prayed to God. And talk him everywhere I am. But last night I dreamed the rapture day. Last night I saw in my dreamed hundreds of people went missing and only left was the bad people and the missing people was in other place like world "heaven". I saw hundreds of children,people who believe in God and people who is faithful and people who have sins but they have full of repentance. When i was in heaven i smell like flowers orchids or flower like thing. And i saw left  people on earth they are all in pain. The sea dried up and theres no water on earth, The earth is devastated. And the last time i remember before i woke up is I am riding a something like I cant explain. I shared this dream in my friends but i dont think they believe me they are just laughing. And I am looking for answers on my dreams. Why I dreamed talking to God ,Virgin Mary and the calamities.Hope anybody can answer it.

I had a dream of standing in front of Yeshua. I could not see his face from the light beaming from it. I approached him and felt all love. I hugged him. I was then thrusted back with great force without him touching me.
All of the sudden telepathically with great force he said inside my head. I am authority. I instantly spiraled down a funnel into my body and was thrusted awake.
I just want to mention that before going to sleep I was in distress over some finances and had asked Yeshua for some kind of help, relief from my distress.i I will never forget this vision. It has brought me closer to Yeshua and I understand he is authority over all.

Timothy: United States
I would like to tell of two divine happenings, one being a dream 

and the other not even close to a dream. This happening occurred when i was about 16 years old. I was asleep in my bed, an hour or two after praying about Isaiah 45. I woke up to a voice out of nowhere coming from the side of my bed,whispering lovingly "Boo." Then i felt this awesome feeling that the Lord was next to me. I instinctively put my hand and ear against the wall on the other side of my bed and something AMAZING HAPPENED! I received a vision from the past. I could hear women speaking in Arabic or Hebrew, as they came to see if Jesus was still in the tomb he was buried in. It was like Christ showing me he loved me, and wanted to show me he really did die and ascend 3 days later to save my life and to bring me to him and God. 
The second occurance was an actual dream i had when i was about 19 or 20. and it was bed time. I prayed to Jesus to visit me in my sleep. That night after i fell asleep, i had a dream of seeing like 2 or 3 white horses with a person sitting on the one in the middle, and what i assume to be two saints, one on each side of him on their horses. Either that or i was being shown the rider on the white horse who was given a crown and a bow, and was sent out to conquer the nations. I've had many other astounding revelations if anyone would like to hear about them email me at tim king 4 life @ gmail  dot  com

Thank you and God bless!

Debra: United States
I had a dream that I was in the sky and Jesus appread to me and he told me that God wants me to return to heaven 

Tamy: United States
back at the end of last year around thanksgiving i had a dream which only the end was very vivid.. It was like i was sitting in the back of a truck and a guy resembling Jesus walks up and leans on the side of the truck and said "you know why I'm here".. at that point i began to cry and i said yes then he said "you need to come with me God needs you... then i woke up not know what this meant.. i think about this all the time... i want to understand because sometime i have bad vivid dreams of destruction then sometimes i have  bad dreams i can't remember when i wake up...

Bingy: Philippines
I dream about the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, is on the Platform, and He is falling from the platform and I catch him 3 times he fall and 3 times I catch him.... what does it mean?? 

Darryl: United States
I found out I have a blockage in the right vertable artery.. a few nights later, I had a dream.. I saw Jesus, and heard him speak.. Jesus was dressed as if it were Biblical days, He has shoulder length brown hair, and a neat trimmed brown beard and mustache. His eyes are greenish-brown, hazel... Jesus placed His hands around my neck and spoke, " I am The God, Jesus. I command all infirmities to leave this man".   I have recently had a CTA scan of the area in my head. I have not heard the results yet, but I am confident that the blockage will not be there. I believe Jesus came to me in a dream and healed me !!!  I believe Jesus still performs miracles today, as He is alive, sitting at the right hand of Hod The Father. 

Jason: United States
I had a dream of Jesus.  He was in white.  He was sitting down at a wooden table almost like a counter top.  As I walked toward him calm and not afraid.  Jesus said "I know who you are Jason.  Let me tell you how you have lived."  As I further deliberated for forgiveness.  Jesus replied "Your on the right track."  Then I woke up.  When I awoke the next morning I felt full of life and energy that I could not contain.

Shelsea: Saint Lucia
Hi my name is Shelsea .I'm from st Lucia .last night i had a dream.it was 12:00 about that  time .As a teenager i don't understand why am saying this in my dreams.Like we were in some country but it don't look like my country to me.but in the dream i saw many people on the street just walking up and down .like they were confuse about something .all  new god was coming they said that "your'll should go to the church i said no am not going cause it a satanic church .there was a girl with me but i have never seen her in real life she said to me i believe you it's not a good church.We lift and went by  the beach as soon as i reach there i started crying and saying to my mom ."mommy don't go there " she didn't listen she went with my other family members. Then i saw something in the sky .i started crying and went down on my knees i was the only one who did that and my other friend the girl i was talking about . i bow down to Jesus Christ .he looked like something beautiful i can't explain how he was .he was surrounded with other angels all in white thick real thick clothes and they were looking at me.when i woke up i told my mom .i don't know if she believes me but i know she don't.i have many to say but i just keep it short.

Gladys: United States
I had a vivid dream of being in an open field like the countryside and I looked up to see a bright light in the sky. At first I thought it was large white birds flying but couldn't understand it suddenly the appearance grew closer and I saw Jesus with about 2 Angels each flying by His side. I  stared up in shock,the light around Him was so bright. He descended close to me and I could see Him so clearly, He had a calm look. Then He went a little further and disappeared  back into the sky. I was in shock. I told someone in the dream pointing to the spot Jesus disappeared,  and the person said "that place is like a gateway " I woke up this morning and remembered the dream quite well.

Estella: United State
Tonight i had a dream that i was looking up to the sky during the day my mother and my sons and brothers where there with me i saw a wave of black and white horses running like they where wild in the sky all of a sudden all the horses come together to make one huge horses head almost like a tall mountain and there stood someone on the very top and when we noticed this person on top of this giant white horse head me and my youngest fell on grass which looked to be like a front yard as we fell back and looked up at this person standing there far away on top of that white horse head my son yelled i love you god and i yelled i love you Jesus and then for no reason me my boys my mother and brothers walked towards this person who i refered to as Jesus it was beautiful green grass warm and nice we where looking at all of the people staring at us from afar then this load noise came  out of no where and these almost metal thin bars came down like claws over the green grass me and my loved ones where on then it got kinda of dark but the only thing i could say at least where together. Then i wake up

Micah: United States
Jesus has also told me that He is coming soon and that the people are not ready. God bless

Indiana: United Kingdom
I saw Jesus Christ in my dream , he got in my house through the roof and sat on the Sofa facing me , then he said to me am here to talk then we had a conversation for more than 10 minutes then he went back to heaven . Last thing I remember was someone asked me if am healed since Jesus Christ visited me then I replied saying who will see Jesus and come back sick ? Then I woke up 

Michelle: United States
I was in the backseat of a car my husband was driving and there was a guy in the passenger seat who I did not know. I remember seeing how green the grass was and how blue the sky was. I looked up and I saw the clouds in the clouds I saw The shape of Jesus flying over me. As the car kept going down the road I saw yet another cloud in the shape of Jesus. Then all of a sudden I saw angels flying together towards this whole in the Sky. The light shines like Gold down from the sky. But my car kept going. I looked forward and the sky began to change to a darkish red color and it was getting dark and cloudy. I ended up in this room with about five other people yet I can still see the Angels flying towards wich I believe to be heaven. Just as I was about to run towards the where the hole in the sky was it closed. And then I woke up

Ricky: United States
I saw jesus in a dream in the sky at night and bright moon light

Elizabeth: United States
I saw Jesus standing on the water extending his hand, while I was in prayer this occurred in the Past 3 weeks. January 2017
In the Summer/Fall of 2016, While laying prostrate before the Lord in Prayer I saw the Feet of Jesus. 

Debby: United States
I had the same dream as Sadie very recently. It was Jesus sitting just looking at me with very pleasant expression. He had no beard, very very long hair and a simple iron crown with a cross in the center. It was a very SHORT vision but I was seeing him through gold and white rays of light. 

Shobha: India
Last night  I had vision of jesus with the smiling face while I was preaching a Gospel to a women in a dream. He appeared in a dream with white full  gown and red shawl on his shoulder.please let me know what does this dream means .Last night  before sleep  I prayed to God  please God answer me in my dream  to my problem which I am facing right know ... so after  that I got this dream the same night so please any one of u can explain me....

Shannon: United States
About a week ago I dreamed of ascending. What I remember was I was outside & it was like a storm or something that made me go outside & look up. I may have heard something but am not sure. What I do remember & very clear is I saw other people in a distant ascending. I felt fear because I thought I was being left behind so I lifted my arms to the sky & tilled my head up & screamed as loud as I could "Jesus I love you" & at that moment I began to ascend. For a moment I felt pressure & a second of fear from ascending so fast. As soon as I new I was ascending I felt joy. Then i saw brightness with the outline of a man. As i got closer i could see Him clearly..Jesus! He had a round face with wavy brown hair. His nose was not flat but looked like it was a bit crooked. He had a big smile and kind eyes. He wasn't attractive but was attractive if that make sense. We traveled through space very fast. He said "Stay here, I have to go back down there" as I stood on a cloud like platform.Then I woke up. December 2016

Beth: United States
I dreamt about a person wearing a diamond handled sword. I saw this from the shoulders down only to above the knees. Wearing a Tunic with a rope belt. The Diamond was large and  beautiful perfectly cut. Perfection. Then the person put their hand on the Diamond. The sheath was leather. Tunic looked like a Person would wear in the days of Jesus.

Nicole: United States
I dreamt of Jesus in the sky with his hands stretched out across the sky and a rainbow was in the sky as well 

Joy: Nigeria
I dreamed that i was walking with a man, the man walked a distanced and change to Jesus Christ and was ascending to the sky and was also telling byebye . what is the meaning of this dream. 

Barbara: United States
I dreamed that i was in church and they said that Jesus was coming to visit us  at our church today. I said "he is going to know me/my voice because i talk to him many times daily.
As we sat there He came in the door and came walking down the aisle. When he got to my pew he stopped, looked at me and motioned to me with his hand to come to him. I got out of my seat and went to him.
He turned around and led me out to the entrance of the church where no one could see us. He then placed his hands on my shoulders, looked me straight in my eyes and said to me, "Do not ever let anyone or anything stop you from using your mind." He then turned around as if he was leaving and i woke up.
A few weeks after having this dream a pastor visited our church and told me that I have a gift whereas I can think something and it comes to pass, almost immediately. He said that I already knew this, but did not use the gift because I think it is of the devil. He said God sent him over twelve hundred miles to tell me to use my gift.  Something i have done but not often. Thank you for allowing me to post my dream. "God bless you, Barbara"

Esperance: United States
Jesus standing looking into my office window on the 40th floor smiling.

Michelle: United States
My husband and I are standing in a room when Jesus walks in and holds out both of his hands.  I walked to Jesus and take his hand to turn around and see my husband walking out the door.  I have looked and looked for reference and I am coming up with nothing.

Veronica: United States
I just had a dream about an Angel flying in the sky. As I squint my eyes to see if it was a real Angel and it was. I continue watching the Angel fly just under the clouds and as I continue watching, the clouds began to move and there I saw Jesus. I immediately feared Him, His presence. It startled me because He just showed up. But as soon as He showed up, I woke up. What does this mean?

Arete: United States
I dreamed / vision My hands traced 'Jesus' face. I touched his hair, I paid attention to his right ear- but, mostly amazed that I was touching his structures on his face. I did not look in his eyes, nor R.E.M. Looking at anything except his face, his ear was My last touch. I woke up.

Eloise: United States
I had a dream this morning when I was cutting pieces of wood to build a bridge to get across to the other side and as I was cutting I seen the lord beside me saying let me help you so I did ....he said do u trust me I said yes I looked into his eyes and smiled and he smiled back then he picked me up and put me on the other side where I was trying to build a bridge to go ..then once he placed me there he was gone back onto the clouds but I can still see him smiling at me saying your gonna be ok .. Just trust in me ..so I waved at him and he waved back and then he left ...don't really now what it means ...a little i do but not all..
What sticks that he said Trust me I got u..

Goldina: India
I use to get dreams of the coming of the Jesus to the earth, and the whole universe is in destroying stage and i and my neighbor is taken up directly from our homes, recently i had dream of that i was driving my bike with my son to my moms house which is near the lake in the morning and suddenly the sky became dark and the moon was too big with lot of light and the people was running around with out restless, while driving i looked up in to the clouds, i saw Jesus face in between the clouds, he smiled at me. that smile i never seen with any body in the universe.

Christy: United State
I dreamt Jesus was holding me.I asked "How are you spending this precious time with me, What about everyone else?" He spread his arms wide, I could see each person like a mirror in a mirror(many to the left and right) Oh the peace and love.I woke up crying tears of pure love.Each of us are so special to Him.Trust him.He cares for you.

YOLANDA: United States
Yolanda Hill new RESIDENT OF PENSACOLA FLORIDA July 18, 2016 I was laying across my bed just relaxing, with no intentions of going to sleep, but as I laid there I went into a sleep...I saw a WHITE HORSE IN THE SKY WITH A MAN ON THE HORSE APPEARING TO BE A KING...APPEARING TO GO TO BATTLE, THE HORSE APPEARD TO BE TRAVELING AT A FAST SPEED...THEN I WOKE UP...FOR A FEW DAYS A STIRRING IN MY SPIRIT.

Carol: United States
I had a dream laying down in bed, and a man in all white surrounded by clouds holding his hand for me.Possibly Jesus calling me home.
Before that I had a dream of people I knew that has passed already telling me to pay up my bills and I responded to them in the dream and said ok.
Years ago I had a dream of telling my friend I'm dying.
Should I be preparing for my dealth.  thank you

Gautam: United State
I saw Jesus Christ our Lord in church, he had the cross on his side and he was hugging me, there was the most beautiful smell and calmness of the wind blowing around me as he was hugging me. His hug is something that I will always remember, worship and Cherish.

Liaa: United State
I was in church and spirit was very high....I could not keep my eyes open for visions...Jesus sent the Holy Spirit around the church to rid all of the negativity, evilness....he stood at the door turned around and told me to follow him  when he turned around I was drawn to follow him.

Catherine: Uganda
I had adream when i was home with my brother n sister trying to put up aburrial ceremony of our late father, we later went to sit near awell when i saw a person in jesus form standing in the sky bt he was using alot of forces wanting to fall on earth with fire surroundin him bt ahand was holding him tightly later he fell direct into awell we were sitting near then water exploaded all over the place we all became wet, am very eager wanting to knw the meaning of that dream

Salma: Nigeria
Dreant of the names Jesus used what does it mean

Aprille: Philippines
was college when I saw Jesus in my dream. in my dream it was a lovely day i walked for a while then i saw him coming towards me. He smiled at me and said, my child u don't believe in me, he gave his hand to me i saw two holes/scars in his palms that indicated that He had truly been cruxiied  on d cross.  After dat im awake.  Wat does it means?

SR kumar: Singapore
I dreamt that Jesus come into body and everybody worshipping

Gife: Philippines
I was in a place that resembled an abandoned Asylum... (like in the movie, Outlast, but darker and creepier, and there was something big was after me, but I was able to escape.  Then I found other survivors, including my friend Fatima, and we all gathered together.
While were trying to find a way out that same big thing began chasing us again.  I was able to save some of our group, but don't remember if any were caught. I was the last one to leave and as I was running I tossed everything in the way that I thought might slow the beast down. 
Then we were all in a kitchen, and I said, "Run! I'll catch up later!" I attempted to block the door with some old chairs.... then followed them down the hallway, and as I ran I met some others, but not Fatima. 
Some of these were survivors from the dark hall... and they were running from the direction we were going, and we met up in the middle
While they were resting I went on ahead and opened a door that was in the middle of the hallway. There I saw another friend, Gelo, and he had some blood on his head.
Gelo looked at me, then slowly looked at still another hallway (Not the one I had just from...). I also looked, and there was Jesus. 
He was half naked with only covers for his bottom, and there was a spiky like vine rolled up on his head, and He also had blood on His head. I watched and saw that He was carrying a big cross on his back, and then He turned and looked at me...and that is when I woke up.
What does all of this means...

Cris: Philippines
I had this dream during my younger days. I saw the clouds open wide and someone wearing white descended from the heaven. I was with 2 ladies that I don't know and can't recall how they look like. We were drinking and chatting at a coffee shop. I dreamt of this during my high school days. But on this dream, I was already working in a corporate industry. When I saw the man (who I think is Jesus) in white who descended from heaven (and I can't recall how he looks like) I held my compact make up and started putting red lipstick.

Sadie: United States
When my dream started I saw lights coming from the sky that were gold and yellow then I saw God or Jesus he had black and brown hair with a white robe on.

Sheunda: United States
I had a dream... that thousand of people was standing behind me and three ladies were standing next to me. I really couldn't see all of the people who was standing behind me and the ladies who was standing next to me I didn't know. I looked up to the sky and it was clear...the next thing I know I was laying on the ground with my arms stretched out speaking in an unknown tongue... as I was speaking I looked up to the sky again and there was a vision of Jesus fulling the sky with His arm stretched out looking into my eyes. The three ladies that was standing next to me form a circle and they were speaking something , but I couldn't understand what they was saying, then I woke up. What does that dream means?

John: United State
Just know I had a dream about Jesus. It started at an apartment complex I used to live as a child, I was in a room which I was cleaning and protecting, more like picking up trash into trash cans around me. I noticed that I hadn't seen people in days, so then I decided to get the trash together and throw it outside, as I gathered the trash someone came in someone that I knew but don't remember who it was just that I knew him. He came up to me then I noticed him going to a wall which then he pushed something and the wall open that's when I realized I was protecting a room full of secret entrances then I got upset and I was wondering why I was left to take care of a room full of secret entrances. The man that open up secret wall entrance asked me if I wanted to come along with him so then I agreed it was a water passage we were boarding up a boat as I got on we were riding down a dark passage then we came outside. It was daylight as I look up in the sky I saw a man in white which I knew it was Jesus with long hair curled up in the bottom but cannot really see his face when I looked up at him he look like he was telling me to come up with him up there he had a light cloud for me to be on as the boat kept moving I saw a cloud of light as if to pick me up I quickly jumped on it as it took me to Jesus by his side I look down and then look at the world and it look so beautiful and then soon after I woke up with tears in my eyes and a great feeling.

Juston: United States
I had a dream last night about Jesus. He was staying in a house and was laying on the top bunk of a bed and I stood looking face to face with him. He looked to be fully grown but didn't know who he was yet. I had to leave and planned on coming back the next day. The next day I was lost and was trying to find my way back to Him. I was in a car and couldn't figure out the right road to take so I pulled over to ask for help. I had a messenger bag with me and sat it on the ground for a minute and ants started to walk and pile onto the bag. At the same time a man started helping me with where to go. He wanted to go with me to see Jesus. The man either had a wife or girlfriend, but she didn't seem as interested in going, but accompanied him. Before we left I was thinking to myself, "Here I am supposed to get myself back to Jesus, but I have these others that want to go with me." I then realized that the ants and the man were being drawn to Jesus, the same as me. I was wanting Jesus to myself, but realized that he was for everyone. We made it to Jesus and I was surprised to see that same house was packed with lots of people. Jesus was at a desk and appeared to be working on something or writing something. Then while we were still there something happened to the man's wife and I think she died. Jesus was getting a bag and some strange tools like a saw. The man was confused but I could tell that Jesus was going to bring the woman back. Then all of the sudden there was a fire on the opposite wall.  Then it started raining inside the house! It was like a miracle just happened and that was the end of the dream.

John: United States
In my dream, I am leaving work with my coworkers early around 310 PM which is unusual. When we are outside, I hear a long and loud trumpet horn. I immediately know that Jesus is coming back. I also somehow know that everyone on Earth knows this too.  It doesn't matter if your Athiest, Christian, Muslim, or whatever, you know. I have this incredible overwhelming feeling knowing that this is the return of Jesus and all of my worries about money and everyday life no longer have any meaning. I immediately kneel on one knee and bow my head. I look up at the sky and the clouds are pulling together. A bright sphere similar to the Sun appears in between the clouds. It becomes larger and closer the longer I look at it, and then I wake up. When I wake up, I look on the internet for the trumpet sound I heard from my dream. It is from a shofar(a ram's horn). I have NEVER heard this sound and I have never heard of a shofar before this dream. This dream happened six years ago and I still think about it to this day. God bless

I dreamt that I woke up to find myself lying in a field in expansive fields and open countryside.  I only had my eyes open and had not moved at all when i realised that there was a lion sleeping next to me with its paw on my ankle.  I knew the lion was not really asleep and would kill me as soon as i tried to move and get free.  I was lying there thinking "how will i get out of this?", pretending to be asleep, when i noticed in the distance the hill of Calvary and the 3 crosses on it.  It was very far away and i thought to myself, "oh there is the hill of Calvary I've seen that before in dreams" - suddenly in my minds eye i was transported right to the foot of the cross and to my absolute amazement i realised that Jesus was actually there on the cross at that moment, the sky was dark at that point it was very powerful - when I woke up i knew i had to get back to church. I started reading my bible again and am now enjoying a renewed relationship with the Lord and have been full of joy and peace.  I have also been under spiritual attack and i am putting on the full amour of God.

JoAnna: United State
As a True Seeker and Follower of The Lord Our God and Savior Jesus Christ. One Evening I feel Asleep and had a Breathtaking Dream that I was outside on a Sunny Summer day, I was walking near a Mountain that was full of Beautiful Green Grass.
FYI. I am always Looking up into the Skies being Fascinated by The Deep Blue Skies, White Puffy Clouds and The Bright Warm Sun as well as Nature. IN MY DREAM.
I LOOKED UP AND Saw Jesus Descending from the Blue Skies and The White Puffy Clouds. He was Surrounded by Such Majestic. JESUS saw  me Looking at him and Reaching for him. So He Stretched out Both of his Arms to me with a Great Smile.
I started Climbing up that Beautiful Green Mountain with all of my Strength. I reached the Top of the Mountain and REACHED OUT MY hands,to him with Amazement and Relief. He Grabbed me. I was So Happy. When I woke up I Had Such a Powerful GLOW.
I TRULY Believe in God our Father. Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit. The Comforter. He is with us. He shows himself and Speaks to his Children in different ways. Just Seek Him in Every way.YOU WILL See Him. Open up your Spiritual Ears and Eyes so you can Embrace His Presence. It's Breathtaking.

Alice: South Africa
In 2008 i had a dream at 03:30 where i went to town with my bible and found many people sitted, differnt race. I preached that you must repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. After that i sang a song and looked up in the sky. I saw Jesus in a white horse with an wepon on His right hand. What does this mean?

Madhav: United States
I had a dream in which Jesus came towards me and said "walk with me.". We started walking on a wooden bridge together. He was in a white robe but in black hair and was certainly not a blonde hair. Also when I see towards him I felt like he is extremely pure person and showing extreme love towards me. I was thinking that I am nothing in front of him. We were walking together and he was talking with me which I didn't understand. It's like he is talking but in a mute mode. Another surprize to me was when we were walking on the bridge there were many people ongoing from other side. But nobody noticed him except me. Not sure what it does mean. I am Hindu by religion and don't have any knowledge about Bible. I have visited cathedral only once in my life time, when I was on family vacation in Savannah,GA 

Susan: United States
I have had several dreams of jesus second coming...
one in which I was running towards a safe place because there was complete chaos, like a hurricane or tornado, everyone was screaming for help... I got towards a corner where several people where just standing there I dont know why but I ran to them. There was this person with his hands spread out standing in the crowd he could stand out easily so I figured he was my protector. As soon as I got into the crowd a bubble formed as if we were secured from our surroundings.. I wasnt the only one who saw this crowd. There were still several people running towards us.. some had catched up but couldnt be with us because of the bubble. Others were still on their way but were apparently slow because they were carrying loads of materialistic stuff... they were tripping over them too.. I looked back and my protector which I assumed was jesus was the one creating the bubble... as soon as I look in front of me again I saw an army of soldiers with their leader.. they were attacking the ones outside of the bubble. And kept marching as if we werent there, they couldnt get to us..

the other dream happened just the night  when the devil wanted to lure me back into the world.. I was having a hard time in my spiritual life. I had an on and off relationship with God. But thankfully that night I decided not to ever go back to my troubles.. so that night I dreamt of Jesus second coming again. This time several people and me were being sent to a jail. We began praising the lords name.. the christians... some of the non christhians were just standing there minding their own business... we sang several songs then I took a look back to what the non christians were doing. There was this girl whom seemed to be my friend from school who was looking at the weather forecast... I asked her how it was.. she looked up the weather forecast in her phone and wrote some notes in a piece of paper that had two directions.. she also had this book where she also seemed to get information from.... she directed me to her notes and explained that there will be  a hurricane or tornado of some kind close to where we were...she said there was only one way out.. she then referred me to the book.. I assumed was the bible because it said about the end of the world..we then arrived to a safe place......where you couldnt experience turbulence...(3/25/16)

Icee: United States
My name is icee and i had a dream march 24,2016 about jesus i was at my grandparents house and looked outside and seen jesus coming from the sky he looked at me holding his hands out and said come with me my daughter and in my dream i was speechless all i could do was walk to him i couldnt eveb blink my eyes it felt so real.. What is the meaning of my dream

Ndapopiwa: Namibia
I had dreams about Jesus, but this was one of many vision and dreams I encountered. One day just before I gave my life to Jesus. I went to bed early, around two in the morning, I fell in trance I had a dream when I went back to the same church I went to the previous Sunday. I left my friend standing in front of the church, finding myself walking on the stairs going up, cross the sky and came across an image I couldn't describe. I bow down my face, but when I look around and not to the face of this image I saw white clouds so close to me. I heard a loud voice coming from the clouds telling me that "if you want to be saved you must live according to the ten commandment" This voice still clear and loud to me every time I thought of it. It gave me hope that Jesus still luvs me and wants me back. I once lived a wayward life and that was the beginning of seeing vision and dream dreams. I saw Jesus face on my dream and Angels leading me to the paradise I didn't know, but saw on a distance on separate occasion. When I sat down with Bible at my table these bright light image in white long gown appear to me walking day light as well, but I never saw the feet or arms of this images it looks like they have wings. I still don't understand why and what massage does all these images and dreams has for me. Can somebody interpret these for me please. I start developing that sweet feeling on me about Jesus, but I lack something still I need wisdom when reading my Bible.

Darlene: United States
I saw a spirit dressed on a black robe with a little black hat then Jesus came I saw him before me I was wide awake I didn't know at the time what was happening but as yrs went by I know now I saw Jesus and I am so sorry I didn't tell him face to face that evening that I love him .

I had a dream Jesus standing behind me outside church.he was really calm and looking at me.i saw him on the cross also in same church on really thick wooden. Brown man with black hair on cross in front of tree.

Kisha: United States
I dreamt Jesus formed out of a cloud. He had a stick in his right hand and then held out his left hand to me and about 3 almost hurricane gust of wind was felt 

It's already April 26,2016 and i can remember what i dreamed 2 years ago, in detail. everything on my life is full of failure, I don't have friends, then in one night I had three identical dreams. Everything changes in one night.
I am watching with 10-13 kids or children with curly hair in front of me I was in the back with my brother and between my brother and I, was the Lord Jesus Christ.
We we're watching the city where I lived being deserted, destroyed, we were planning on scouting the area to rescue those who are in need, then my mom became mad while taking care of 5-7 kids. In a blink of an eye there's a blinding light, we teleported where we we're going. Jesus, my brother and I went to where my mom is, but there was a war just passed before we came.

Everything besides our home is wiped out, only rocks, i can't feel anything, it's like I don't exists anymore. My brother and jesus can't see me any more. When we were about to exit the gate of our house, I suddenly woke up.

My dream later continues and we we're standing facing the gate and a shining light came from the outside. I was about to talk to my brother, but he just smiled, and turned toward the gate. I felt my breath shortened, and my body felt numb, and I was lying on the floor.

Then God turned back and saw me lying, he smiled, kneeled, held my right hand. His hand was so soft, so warm, so big, and gentle. He read from his black book, perhaps it's a bible.

When he closed the book my breath came back and I heard the number 300,000, then i woke up.

I was shocked when I realized that I had forgotten every sin I had ever committed.
Ps. I prayed 3-4 hours every night and cried sincerely asking God to give those in need, hope, faith to faithless, and to send a messenger with a guiding light to people.

I have always doubted myself but God didn't disappointed me, he is not just my Savior he is God, He can hear our prayers.

I hope my experience can help those who are still doubting themselves.

Sylvia: United Kingdom
 I had this dream 1 year ago. It all started while i was fighting demons in my childhood home in a village in Masaka Uganda.

During the fight I heard a voice say to me, “stop fighting and look this way.” I ignored the voice and carried on fighting, suddenly I looked up to the ceiling and there was no roof at all, only a dark cloud as if it was about to rain. In that cloud was a shadow of a long arm, the voice who called me earlier called me again and this time I listened.

I looked in the sky and there was The Amen, dressed in a long robe with a sash in his vest. He reached his hand towards me but there was a deep hole between me and his hand. Then the voice behind me asked 'can i help you' I said yes. He held my right hand and put it in Jesus's hand.

Then Jesus grabbed me quickly as if someone else was trying to snatch me from him. He took me, and I don't know how or where. I could only understand again when I found myself seated on his shoulder, in heaven.

He was lighting a pillar and I asked if I could help, and He asked, 'with what? I said, with lighting the candle; then He gave me the lighter and I lit the pillar, then we sat down and had a long conversation.

I asked a stupid question, “Lord how do you hear us when we pray, because you live so far away from us? But He did not answer, and then I woke up from my dream. God is amazing. 

Joshua: United States
I was descending from the sky and a large spiral motion as I took notice of the landscape around me. There was a large Plateau forming walls on three sides of me, and a large opening into a clearing of vast desert landscape on one side. The plateau walls on the inside had large ramp walkways leading down to the bottom from the top of the Plateau.
I took notice of a large crowd in the opening. there was a large number of people all wearing robes would seem to be from Biblical times. I hear someone call out, " look into the sky! it is the Son of Man!" as I completely descend to the ground a large cloud of dust settled around me. the large group of people were all standing behind me, and then I turned around to face them. as I made my way to the group of people they all closed in around me, and one of the men asked me, " who are you?", and I responded, " am I not you?". All of the people all closed in for a closer look at me....
I have had many dreams similar to this one. I have also had many premonitions that usually end up a reality within less than 24 hours. I have an ability to interpret my dreams upon waking.
I have also had many Visions while I've been awake that would seem unexplainable too many, but I have strong faith and believe in God, so I do not question the things I see, I rather try to make sense of them for the benefits of our future, hoping that maybe someday the things I see you can help.
If there is anyone out there that would be willing to sit down and speak with me of the thing I've seen,and possibly help make sense of them, please feel free to email me. J
Jannise1984 at gmail dot com

Steven: United States
In my dream I was riding in back of a truck with another person. We were fighting something off and we were both beat up pretty bad. Once the truck stopped I fell out of the bed of the truck saying "I cannot do this anymore Im in so much pain" I felt like someone was over me, when I looked it was Jesus with a white and brown robe on, I could not look him in the eye. If i remember right he said "Follow me, look into my words" I was in no pain and felt nothing as he held me.

Melissa: United States
I had a beautiful dream this morning.  Jesus was wearing a pure white gown with a pretty blue sash.  With his left arm extended toward me he was handing me a beautiful orange.  This was such a pretty dream and I would live your interpretation.  

Janet: United States
The first dream I had of Jesus was when I was around 10 years old and for no particular reason at the time. In this dream I was walking toward a very large tree, everything was white, everything. As I got closer there was a white deer beside the tree, there were big fluffy white snowflakes and birds, white birds, snow was everywhere and it was night though all around this tree it was very light and I was warm. As I got closer to the tree, Jesus took the place of the deer and he held out his hand. I woke up very happy even though it was a simple dream. The 2nd & 3rd dream I had were at the lowest points in my life. I was distraught with grief and hardship, one of those times I was planning to take my own life. In the dreams I'm sitting on a park bench on a cliff overlooking a beach with a view for miles on either side, no people, no houses, nothing but Jesus & I on this bench and I'm crying, very upset not knowing what to do next. Jesus just looks at me and smiles without saying a word and I smile back. That's all there is to it. He has never spoken to me in these dreams but he doesn't have to because after I have them I'm comforted and I collect myself from grief and everything always seems to work out after that.

Osenweokwu: Nigeria
I dreamed of seeing Jesus sitting on a throne, on top of a cloud with a thick cloud round about Him like an arc, He was wearing a golden crown, holding a sceptre in His right hand and looking down at me smilingly and when I exclaimed, "JESUS", he smiled the more and the image disappeared and in its place stood a big cross with a white linen round it. i had this dream about a year or so ago. 

Tracey Green: United States
Just before I woke up this morning and in my sleep I could hear the Lord so plainly saying "an answer will always come before and after a storm"....as I got up I peaked out my door and as I looked into the sky there was so much supernatural activity going on.
As I proceeded to sit on the sofa for a minute and ponder on what I had heard in my sleep I could see in a vision Jesus standing in the middle of my yard praying. I felt such a sense of overwhelming peace this morning.

Kartisha: United States
There was two arrow like cliff pointing towards each other. Jesus stood where there was nothing underneath him. The middle. I was on one side. On the other side, two men stood on both sides of Jesus. The man on the left, a current relationship, & the man on the right, an unrequited love. I felt that I had to choose, yet, as Jesus held his arms stretched out, i cried & ran into his arms.

Arun India
My Dream is that, i was walking with my parents in a place where lot of trees are there with a little fog all of sudden the fog rises and i lost my parents .Then  i walked alone  long distance searching them at the end of dream i find out a cross with wounded jesus over it and he calls my name .Then i suddenly awake from my dream.This happened in morning.Can you explain it

Cynthia: United Stat
I had a dream about the Heavens gate.with Jesus face.and He reached down to grab my hand as I was reaching up to grab his.

Ralph: Lebanon
10 years ago i dreamed about jesus christ came to my room iwas laying on my bed and jesus have light around him and he approched to me and give me a black medalion to wear it than he left

Xen: United States
When I felt the peace come through me, along with a cool breeze of air. Jesus extended his arms to me and game me a small glass jar of Fig Butter. In my dream the asked myself, " Why Fig Butter?"  After, I daw myself at a small dinner with wood tables. At one of the tables, there was an old, sick man with spots on his body. I looked down at my hands and I had 2 jars of Fig Butter. I went up to the man and gave him one of my jars of Fig Butter.I told man the this was Fig Butter given to me by Jesus Christ.  I looked away & the man was gone. Nowhere to be seen. At another table was my family & I told them all to try the Fig Bitter that

Jesus had given me. We were eating it with cracker.
Those are my dreams so far. I hope I receive more.If someone could please tell me what they mean, it would be great:)

Dem: Canada
Hello. I am not particularly religious at all. I go to church either if someone takes me or for support in an event or weddings or something like that. First of all, Me not going to church as no affect on me believing in a higher power. I believe in God and that Jesus is real bc of what I have seen when i was a little girl.
My uncle to me and my cousins boating and I was playing with my uncle's binoculars. I seen a man in the sky. Just the face part the brown color of his hair his nose and his eyes. He looked straight at me while was looking at him. I told my uncle there's is a man in the sky and of course he looked with the binoculars too and didn't see anything. I tried looking again but didn't see anything the second time. I will never forget. I am almost 27 years old. This happened when I was around 6-8 years old in broad daylight and was wide awake. 
No one can tell me what I saw and who I saw.

Alex: United States
 I had three dreams with Jesus in them. They were all the same. My testimony is this. I stopped all internet, music, phone calls (shut my phone off minus one session to check and call back people quickly) I bowed asking Jesus to come to me face to face, to see Him and to receive the Spirit and Mind of Christ in my body. The mind of Christ not Holy Spirit. 33 days into it, I had a dream with Jesus walking in a white bright robe to my apartment releasing seven stars from His hand. I had been kneeling, asking for heaven, and for Jesus to take me to himself, and come to me to do it.
Then, soon after the first one, I was awake in the woods reading, when I had a vision. The sky turned to what appeared to be lightning and Jesus was in the midst of it. He came down, and stood me up. I had no control over anything and could not blink if I had wanted to... and He came within an inch of me. I felt power enter me from Him... After this, I was never the same!!
And the three dreams that were the same were all of Jesus coming to me telling me to tell people to ask for Heaven to be given now and for Jesus to appear and give it now, on earth! HE said the hardest thing for people is that since nothing happens right away they quit.
They ignore the shameless persistence in asking for the Kingdom to come and Jesus to come to us to give HIS mind and His righteousness... belief in Jesus is the Holy Spirit in your heart. JESUS MUST COME IN ALSO.

Colette: United States
My Beautiful, Loving daughter Jennifer passed away July 10, 2015. She fell asleep & never woke up. She was only 28. Her Doctor gave her a lethal mixture of meds & the pharmacy filled it. She took it as prescribed & it caused liver failure. She was living in Florida at the time. 
The rest of her family & Friends live in Illinois & Indiana. I had to fly to Florida to bring my baby home. She was planning on moving back home in December. I have been crying constantly & praying for her Soul. My Daughter didn't get her last rites. This was killing me. 
I had a vivid dream of her sitting on our couch & she held out her hand to me smiling. When I sat next to her, she showed me the outside, big white snowflakes the size of feathers was falling from the sky everything was white. Jennifer smiled at me & vanished. 
As soon as I woke up I ran to the window. It was a hot sunny day. My daughter & I both loved snow. When she was visiting me this past January she was happy it snowed. 
Iv been crying & praying for her day & night for her Soul to be in Heaven. Last night I went to bed & prayed & while my eyes were closed, I saw a face. He looked like Jesus thick black hair, with a slight curl to it, a beard warm eyes & a smile. He looked at me then he looked up towards the sky. 
Was Jesus telling me my daughter is in Heaven? I have been praying day & night for my daughter to be in Heaven or for Jesus to bring her back to me. Grieving my child is the most painful thing anybody can go through. If anybody can help answer please do. Thank you & God Bless.

I had a vision that I saw Jesus on the cross and looked at me and said "accept me".  I am saved so I didn't know what he said that to me.  He then showed me that he left the Garden of Gethsamine by his own will and was scourged and that he never went through these things because he couldn't escape but because of his love.  He then took me back to the cross.  I don't understand 

Lakeia: United States
I dreamed I was sitting on the floor by the couch in a room, and I was reading my bible and praying. All of a sudden the room begin to change and became filled with clouds. For a moment I was afraid because I thought I would fall through them. Then I looked up and saw a man with a long white robe, and a gold sash. I then recognized it was Jesus, I begin to cry and worship and say thank you for the lamb that was slain. I bowed, Jesus then looked at me and said "Don't be afraid of my presence". I stood up and then he grabbed and hugged me quickly and tightly, when his arms wrapped around me I became afraid for just a moment and quickly the fear went away, and my body begin to pull out black stuff and it felt like all the worry, pain, disappointment had came up and then it broke off me like glass and a light shined through me, and he let me go. Then I looked and I had a white long robe on just like him, and then he disappeared.

Merin: India
I have seen Jesus when i was a kid. One day i was sleeping and saw Jesus between two angels. It was for a few seconds. Suddenly I opened my eyes and He appeared, like a spark, then vanished.
While praying in full concentration i have a feeling like current coming in my body. Now I am a mother of three. When I pray to Jesus he is hearing my wishes. So I was very happy in praying not only for me personally, because I am praying for the whole world.
One day, whe4n I had not been for few days, i was distracted and cried and prayed. I saw him near to the door of my room. What was the meaning i wondered. 
Maybe Jesus is waiting to come to our heart. Whenever I have sorrows and doubts in my life I open the bible randomly to one page, and read. 
I will get the answer...so please pray to god he will surely answer for our problems. God bless you. Amen

Catherine: United States
Dream I was in some type of waiting room. It was a pretty small waiting room. It had beige walls, and was dimly lit. There was a tan skinned man sitting beside me in black robes; I think he was waiting too. 

Then someone opened a black door at the right corner of the room and said to me, "Jesus Christ is ready to see you now." Then he came and crouched down in front of me, his hands taking mine.He had white and gold robes and was wearing sandles. His eyes were greyish.
He told me everything was going according to plan; that I was going to be okay and I did't need to worry. 
I remember his eyes were mesmerizing and they looked so caring and tired, like he hadn't slept in long time. Then he gives my hands one last sqeeze and leaves back through the door. 
Then I heard a man screaming, like he was being murdered, coming from behind the door. Then I walk towards the other side of the room and look through the door. It was a long hallway with a row of doors on both walls. I think the screaming was coming from one of those doors. 
I became angry thinking someone needed to help the man. However, someone at the door said there wasn't anything we could do, and that there was no way he would get into heaven in the state he was in. 
I was thinking jesus wouldn't do this, but satan would, so they have to be the same people. 
The ending was really confusing. Can anyone tell me what it could mean? I'm spiritual, but I don't believe in any religion.

Joy: Philippines
When I was young, (maybe 4-6 years old) I was inside in our house alone when I heard a very beautiful trumpet music! very loud and breathtaking! I think it can never be heard from this world. I look out window and saw Jesus in the sky. I go outside to see him more. I saw him in the sky like a screen, 3 pictures of him appears, he is really big in the sky. 

I wave at him and praise Him and I am with an old woman with black cloths, she was praying to Jesus. I look around to know were the trumpet sound  but it goes everywhere.....I was so amazed and happy, then I woke up and told my mom about it!! This is my first dream,

My second dream was people riding in clouds their cloths were Jesus cloths in his time,and they were going somewhere then disappears....many people were folowing them,but they were left behind... after that the sky  darknnssss,.....

3rd dream; it was disasters, storms, hundreds of whirlwinds... great storm in south china sea... i dont know how to explain,but its really terrifying!! what is the meaning of my dreams??

Margarita: Philippines
I dreamed about the lord Jesus at the top of the mountain out side our house he is far and all I can see is his shadow waiving at me with two shadows of men on his right and left side and slowly disappear I don’t know the meaning of this but when i wake up there’s a smile in my face I wanted to hug him but I also feel that maybe its true, that he will return soon. It’s my first time to dream about him.

Baloyi: South Africa
I just had a dream, now 16 Sep 2015 01:43

In a very messy situation. Jesus appeared and said to me "pray and everything will get to normal, you will receive your blessings." I tried praying but it was as if I don't have a tongue. I kept praying and a lot of people started running out of me. And I saw a man and a child sitting next to me. I went to them.
Could that be God blessing me with a husband and baby boy?

Lillian: Kenya
I had a dream some years ago when I was in class six, but know am in the university. I was a sleep then I saw Jesus at the entrance to where we cook, my bed was on the other room.

I saw Jesus, full of light, and standing on something like a tray, looking at me, and then I woke up. 
I was so scared that I covered my head with the blanket, but I could still see the image and the light, penetrating in the blanket 
I could see this even the next day when I went into the room, so I went over to sleep with my mum, (in the house next-door).
Please, I really need to know the meaning of the dream, because I was too scared to wait for him to speak .

I dreamed that Jesus touched me, I saw it very clearly…the hands of Jesus comes from heaven, and I saw his face. His hands came down to my head and he touch me; after he touched me, he was gone. I am now healing the sick and casting out demons

Lora: United States
I had a dream one night that there was a man to the left of me bent down hiding behind a table. I seen a cloud coming down from the sky in the form of Jesus. I walked over and held my hands above my head to reach for the cloud. And the man( didn't know the man) was just watching me. When the cloud ( in the form of Jesus) came down to me I reached for it and it came into my arms and disappeared. But I woke up feeling so good and calm for a few days I felt like that.Oh such a wonderful dream. But would like to know what it meant. I know it meant good.

Phyllis: United States
I had a dream around 1998 had been thinking when will Christ come;during the dream I heard a voice say "Phyllis Don't worry I'll be back soon" it wroke me up with overwhelming peace running up & down my entire body;knew this was Jesus speaking & Holy Spirit confirming-looked at the clock was 2:30 am est. now it's 8-29-2015 & the dream still seems like it happened last night! I've never had a dream before that I remember every detail. In July 2015 I felt Holy Spirit speaking to get Baptized in The River & not to put off so my Uncle has a Church in VA so I was baptized in beautiful spring. Praise God for his very soon return and pray daily I'll  & my family will be able to escape. Thank you Jesus for dying for me & help me live daily for you-Love you Phyllis

Dave: United States
I dreamed that there was a pole on earth leading up to outer space. We traveled to the top of the pole to see what was at the top. When we got to the top there was an evil flag (as if the devils flag) and some other flags there. There was also a glowing image of the earth separated into four corners - very strange. 

Someone had the idea to take down the evil flag and place a cloth Cross where the evil flag was previously hanging. We did this and I began to say the name of God in all the ways that I could remember (Jehovah, Yeshua, and Elohim). 
Suddenly there appeared a Golden balcony with a door nearby. Jesus walked out of the door to the edge of the balcony. I was terrified beyond all capacity. He walked very fast, and with such authority - much unlike we have all seen the biblical movies where Jesus is walking slowly all the time. 
He was wearing a white robe with purple sash, brown hair, beard and very clean looking (hair was actually neatly styled). I began to cry out, but my wife woke me up from my dream saying that I was mumbling as if I was in a nightmare. 

Evelyn: United States
My dream of Jesus: I was in the waiting room by myself sitting.  The room was pure white and very peaceful.  The lady behind me (didn't see her face) said, Jesus is here!  I stood up and I was planning to give my sit to him.  As I stood up,  he was facing me.  I saw a man with white dress and blurry face. I gave him a kiss in his right shoulder and I apologized that i messed up his white dress with my lipstick.  I saw his smile and woke up.  Please let me know the meaning of my dream.  Thank you. 

Edgardo: Philippines
I have a dream, Jesus give me a many leaf in my hand and he told me i used this to open all things in my surrounding and he give me also a word to use also to open all things but i cant remember the word when i wake up. What is the meaning of this? thank you.

Eva:United States
Please pray for dream interpretation...
I am struggling with assurance of my salvation. I asked God to show me in a dream that i am saved. Finally i saw this:
I dreamed i was about 5 years old girl standing in that dress made out of flowers.. Someone pulled out those flowers one by one and i became naked. I was ashamed, Then magically i was dressed in the purple dress with golden strings on it. It was so beautiful. I was so amazed and happy. One little girl came, then another girl came up to me. then little prince a year or so younger came up to me.. I was speechless.... The most amazing felling of joy came over me.. i woke up... When i woke up i understood that that prince was Jesus.. July 27 2015 Eva R P.S. 
If God leads you to interpretation of this dream please let me know. Thank you

Jeana: United States
I had a dream a while back that I will never forget. I remember very little but what I do remember will stay with me forever. I know I was in what looked like a very old underground room of some type made of stone everything looked old and the floor had lots of dirt or dust. Then out of nowhere there was a man in the room I remember his clothing looked like a brown type of robe that wrapped up over his shoulder. He had short brown hair. Then like nothing I have ever felt before happened.  As soon as he looked into my eyes I dropped to the floor from a feeling of love coming from him to me without him saying a word. It was Jesus I fell and laid my head on his feet that were wearing sandals and I cried. I cried out im so sorry, I am so sorry please forgive me for all my sins. I knew he forgave me that love I felt was stronger than any kind of love I can't explain and im a mother and I love my son with all that I am. This was very different. He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. He did not look like what we see in pictures and in churches. I wish everyone could have felt it. I have some issues with not feeling loved so I think he maybe wanted me to know I am loved more than I could fathom.  He loves us all so very much.

Allynah: United States
Yesterday I had a weird dream . I woke up kind of scared, it was weird to me. I mean it all started when I went to sleep around 3 am yesterday and  While I was sleeping, I dreamed that I was asleep dreaming and Jesus came threw the sky and he opened up the gates of heaven, the clouds all disappeared and his hands came down and he tried to pull me, his hands were hairy but not to hairy. And then I woke up and started crying ......... but in real life, I was still sleeping and dreaming, I started crying to the one I love most , my brother and than after that I woke up in real life and I just haven't stop thinking about this weird dream. I'm really scared of it, I keep questioning myself? Am I dying? What does this dream mean? I been praying and thanking the lord a lot.... Hopefully, it was just a dream though...

Roxann: United States
Last night I dream about Jesus was standing in the cloud. His arms was stretch out.People was running to him but he was just looking at them. I couldn't see his face but I felt so peaceful. What does this dream meaning

Connie: United States
Last night I had a very vivid dream.  I was in a church and the pews were filled with people.  On the outside of the pews I observed people whipping their children with sticks.  I was upset with this and decided to talk/preach to the congregation.  I told them that in the past children were disciplined that way but they were over doing it.  I told them about my close relationship with God, Jesus, and the Saints.  As my talk got more passionate, I noticed a crucifix above the altar.  I was standing to the right of the altar by the pews.  I looked up at it and asked Jesus to help me explain myself to this congregation.  Jesus on the cross started glowing and then jumped off into the crowd of people.  My interpretation of this dream is with so much Christian bashing and persecution in the world lately, we need to support everyone with love and not divide ourselves into different groups

Rev MichaeL: United States
When i was 12 years old i had a dream of Jesus i was out side of a cave listing to some one talking to other men then i heard a voice telling me to come in and i deed when i got in there was a man with white hair he ask me who i was looking for i told him Jesus he said i im Jesus he stared talking tro me and he was showing me the past and the future at the age of 32 he came to me in church and held my arm up and told me this is my rod and staff and my word he told me he was going to send me on a long journey a while later he told me to go and start a church so i did i left az and went to wy and started a church he came to me and told me of a earth quake in sept 1978 it happen only one hour after he told me in northern Iran killing 25000 a few days later at the same time of the day he told me of a lot of people where going to kill there self's jim jones and 918 people killed there self's i came back to az it was to cold for my wife of 52 years we been married i want to start a church hear the young people to day are lost they need help we have got to reach them be for it is to late hes time is getting near Lucifer is taking a lot of sols to hell people need to go out and tell them Jesus is coming soon 

Jesus came to me in my dream, He asked me why i havent been working on my garden. He spoke to me telepathically and i recognized His voice, i know Hos voice better than i know how to count to 1. My 9 yr old sister had a dream of Jesus too, she said there are colors of flowers in Heaven that aren't on Earth. She knew it was Jesus because of His magic power. 

Dominic: Lebanon 
One day I had a dream about Jesus and a bunch of saints..I was in a farm and it was night time.. I remember a angel flying, after that a portal opened and a bunch of cartoon saints or people came out... But I saw one person clear and it was Jesus Christ, all of a sudden I saw animals appear and watermelons grow, I went to a watermelon and ate it.. After I went around asking if anyone saw that and some people said yes and some people said no.. This is a dream I can never forget and everytime I think about it I cry!! 

Grace: United States
Hi! I am 12. A couple weeks ago I had a dream about Jesus. I don't remember anything but the best part is that I was in out in the driveway and it was a cloudy dark day.
I looked and I saw Jesus, and I think he was doing something then he turned around and told me to come here (in a pointing way). Then I ran up to him and hugged him. but there was no talking at all. When we hugged, I felt peace and happiness.
I loved it, it was the best feeling ever. I know he gave it to me cause I could feel it.
I forgot about everything and only thought about Jesus, then I think I woke up while we were hugging. In the morning I could remember more, but later I could only remember the hug.
He wasn't bright but he had long brown hair and had a white robe. I couldn't really see his face, I couldn't see him like I would in real life. It took me about a day but I figured out why I had the dream.
I was more close to God and I really wanted to be close to Jesus, so I prayed about it that night and I had the dream.
He is there and will answer your prayers. but sometimes he will say no, he cant ask to win a million dollars and get it, but he gives you what you really need. I love them both with all my heart, and I pray to them a bunch and more than 1 per day.
Jesus gave me peace and happiness, he gave me more than I wanted.
(my name is Grace in real life) he is there, don't think they (God and Jesus) are not. He is with you.

Michael: United States
Hello. My name is Michael. My wife and I are born and raised Christians. We love the Lord with all our heart and have made Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This is my dream: "I was with my wife and other people we know in a vacation place, looked like a beachfront hotel we went to a few months ago in Jaco Costa Rica to get involved with a church and help out. Sitting on the back we heard someone saying: quick everyone come here, Jesus is coming.
Me and my wife walked towards the beach to see what was this person talking about and when we had walked a few steps I saw far out in the ocean, the moon, or sun, (don't remember which) was descending fast, and before it hit the oceans surface it turned into a man who was surrounded by a circle of light, and a few people around him, ( in my dream I was calling them His disciples).
They all started running and within a few seconds were at the shore and they went to, what appeared to be, a room. The interesting thing was that even tho everyone knew it was Jesus, the whole scene was in a cartoon theme. Jesus and His followers were cartoon characters. Human cartoon characters.
Everyone was overwhelmed, and for a few moments I could only move in slow motion as I walked toward my wife to hug her and to celebrate Jesus coming. words cannot describe our excitement.
We were wishing that we were back home so that we could see the sad faces of the unbelievers we know when they find out that Jesus had come. At some point a friend or a relative (not quite remember) came close to us (in the dream he went somewhere to do something and missed the rapture)..
I was explaining him that Jesus came and tried to describe how it happened. It felt like (but I am not 100% sure for that) that the majority of the people were missing.
I was so excited to see Jesus coming out of the room that I was telling my wife that when Jesus comes out I will bow on my knees and tell him, "Lord forgive my sins and have mercy on me."
While we were waiting a lady came out of that room and said that she didn't have good news for the people who were waiting. She said, "the names that weren't called didn't make it to heaven," (that's my interpretation, she didn't say heaven).
I can't describe how sad I was thinking that I didn't make it to heaven. I asked my wife: " I didn't make it but how come you didn't make it? You knew Jesus way before me." My wife said she would have made it if she hadn't been married to me. That didn't make sense to me...
In the mean time I saw other people I knew who believed in Jesus Christ that I would have expected to make it to heaven, but they didn't.
The lady who had given us the bad news had some envelopes with names of people that, from my understanding,included their ticket to heaven. I volunteered to find these people in the crowd and give them the envelopes, but there were only a handful of them.
From the conversations, those who were around us and apparently hadn't made it to heaven either, but surprisingly some weren't all that sad about missing heaven, but I was devastated. Sooo sad that we didn't make it to heaven.
At that point I woke up and as I was waking up I start ed to realize that this was just a dream. I began saying Jesus name again and again, thanking Him that this was a dream, and that I still have a chance to make it to heaven.
I am not sure what the interpretation of this dream is. Is it literal? was it a warning for us to do more work for God on earth? (My wife and I). We have been asking God to guide us in how we can serve him better until He comes back). Does it symbolizes something else? Was it from God?
I dream a lot, some of them make sense, some don't. This is the only one I can clearly remember from that night.

Lopez: United States
I closed my eyes on a Sunday morning, around 7:45am and fell fast asleep. I was playing ball with my kids and some other people in the courtyard of a Roman building when i heard a big loud boom sound. As i looked to see where it came from i saw a shadow of two feet with sandals, in the sky. As i walked to get a clear picture of what i was seeing I passed a building with an arch.
I saw a shadow of a man with a robe, and his hands reaching out by his waist, and a scripture in the sky in white letters and blue sky with no clouds.
My body felt weightless and i couldn't move, and the world around me became quiet, and i woke up scared. This is the first time i dreamed of Jesus.
Today at service i will acknowledge his coming for our salvation. (Love you Jesus Christ)

Alwin: India
Hello bros and sisters: I am Alwin, 23yr old metallurgist. It was today on 9th Sep'2014 while i was sleeping i saw a vision in where i was with my family in an under construction house, (note: its all in my dream), where we all saw through a window a very bright source of light opening up in sky.
Its brightness went on increasing and suddenly a human face with all its glory was visible in that brightness. A man came from it dressed in brown with beard and long hair. My dad first saw him as i couldn't face the brightness. I was crawling on stairs like a dead man and he said, he is JESUS.
The man never told he was Jesus, and don't know why i felt such great deep love for him. It reflected from him as he called out my name, "ALWIN" ....after which i woke up. It was 4.30am...i felt a great flow of energy and peace running all over my body.
I never had such an experience in my life

Melinda: United States
I have visions of Jesus praying in Heaven on his knees

Breana: United States
Growing up as a child, I was very involved with the word of god. I went to a religious private school also. I've recently felt detached from god. I need to go back to church. anyways, my mom to this day tells me that I used to tell her that I could see angels and what not from god.
I remember this dream from when I was around 4 or 5. I was dreaming that I was sleeping in my bed, and this almost gold sunlight of a fog appeared above my bed frame. There was a staircase leading from my bed to the cloud and Jesus with his hand extended. I remember grabbing it and walking up the stairs. ... I cant seem to remember the rest.. I wish I could; it was so long ago.
Bu I will never EVER forget that dream of my encounter with Jesus :')

Edward: United States
I had a dream that I was sitting next to Jesus in the dessert. It was dark and we were sitting in front of a campfire. He had some rocks in his hand and threw them at his feet in the sand. He said this is your life.
I looked down at the rocks to try to figure out the meaning of what he was telling me when I woke up. Can someone interpret this dream?

Donna: United States
Had a dream that Jesus came to my window and said "come follow me." Then I floated out my window and we rose up into heaven and I was but in a room with a lot of people.i was looking for my son and husband, but i awoke before finding them.

Lakeisha: United States
I saw Jesus in a bright light, in the rapture. Both of my love ones were gone. and I was lfet behind. Jesus turned his head away, I'm afraid i'm gonna go to hell. I want to go to heaven.
Samuel@trusting-in-jesus.com Responds:
Hello lakeisha, Thank you for sharing your dream. Isn't it wonderful how God can talk to us in any situation. He does so because He loves you very much and wishes to have a relationship with you. You can have a relationship with Him and become His Child by accepting Christ as your Savior.
Jesus is the One who died and paid for all your sins on the cross, because of this, if you ask Him into your heart, you will begin a relationship with Him that will last forever, including eternity.
Isn't it amazing to know that you can spend eternity in total happiness. To find out more about being saved, go to: Salvation-Information.
You can be saved and go to heaven and I will be happy to show you how, just let me know. Jesus loves you and He is waiting. Samuel Mills

Well my friend just called to tell me that she had a dream that she & I had just left her cousins house and were walking outside when we saw two water tornadoes, one in front of us, one on the side. so we turned around to go bk to her cousin house & then we both saw an angel, and half of Jesus' face with an bright light. What does this mean

Lisa: United States
My daughter and I was setting outside talking and as I look away something caught my eye. It was The Lord god almighty in the clouds above, so I stand in such excitement and all I could think of was the bible verse... Every knee shall bow.....
Then I turn to my daughter and said, stand up baby girl, The Lord is here to take us home....
He was standing so tall with his hands held out summoning all his children.... His face was warm and loving, his hands were huge.... He wore the brightest blue robe with a red sash.... He was surrounded by the clouds and looking over the whole world .... All we could do is stand a praise him.....
I woke up with excitement and joy, wanting to tell everyone I knew to be ready for his return.... What does this mean?

Shirley: United States
I was in a room with my sister and my cousin. My sister and I were looking out of the window. The blue sky had gotten very bright from the sun. When I look behind me the window showed that it was night time. The clouds in front of us started getting brighter and brighter and as light burst through the room it felt like a rapture. Both scary and beautiful. I looked over to my right and say a man in white. then I prayed and prayed, then woke up.

Chaplain: United States
I was shopping and a person said, "what you want is not here but around back." So I walked around back of the strip mall, and there I found a NEW construction area. Then I found myself in miry clay. A man, (I believe to be Jesus), took me out of the miry clay and walked me to a brand new store, and then He left. The Name of the store was, "ANSWERED PRAYER." In it was everything we need for healing of every body part, (like on a conveyor belt)... It's was all there, he paid the price.. on earth, as it is in heaven 

Julie: United Kingdom 
When I was a child I dreamt that I was standing in my grandparents garden which had a rose bush in it. Then Jesus came down from the sky in a long white robe, picked one of the roses and gave it to me, then took me up to heaven and married me. I remember it very clearly even over 30 years later. What could this mean? 

Julia: United States
Hi, last night I had a dream about holding a plastic bag of sand. My cell phone rang and when I answered it was Jesus. He was cheerful, joyful and he said "Julie, don't worry I will take care of you, Trust me. And I was saying I know, I trust you, and I started to cry. I told him, I love you so much, then suddenly I felt a comforting presence coming over me and I woke up from my dream. I also saw a long paved road ahead of me. What does this mean?

Grace: United States
Hi! This is about my dream of Jesus and me hugging, and some things I don't understand. The first one is, the setting was in our driveway, why would it be in our driveway. Second, there was no talking at all just "doing" in the dream. When he told me to come here he didn't tell me, he just pointed. I didn't talk to Jesus. Also it was a dark cloudy day. 

The last thing I don't understand is, in most peoples dreams Jesus is so bright they cant see him, but in mine he wasn't bright. My dreams were sort of hard to see, like maybe blurry. I could only see that he had long brown hair and a white robe, but I couldn't see his face. I think its strange because he wasn't bright and it looked like a real person because he wasn't bright at all. Please tell me what these mean. thanks :)

Serena United States 
i saw a park with sprinklers the type that spray right out of the top and I said stop I wanna play in the water, I got out and started playing in the water and I saw these humongous trees that reached to the sky with large trunks and it was being raised up invisibly there were a circle of them being planted near the sprinklers and I looked and in the tree that was invisible being moved to be planted near the sprinklers was the face of The Lord 

Lisa: United States 
Hi! My beautiful vision of God was back in 2002. One day I was sitting on a soft rocking chair and closed my eyes just to relax for a little while, then suddenly I felt a warm, calm feeling that I had never ever experienced before. That feeling was the best feeling in the whole world. Then shortly after I saw the brightest white light with my eyes closed that I had never ever seen before. It was stunning and so amazingly beautiful! The next time I had went to church, I explained my beautiful vision to the priest and he said to me that it was God saying that I am with you always and everything is going to be alright. That was and is amazing and will always be forever and ever! I was not dreaming and I was able to hear noise around me. I wish that I didn't open up my eyes so suddenly. That was all new to me at that time and it was extremely beautiful! I hope so extremely much that I experience this again in my lifetime with all my heart, mind, body and soul! I will never ever forget this and I will remember this forever and ever. I am also so glad that I can share this with the world. It is the best experience to share with the whole world. God Bless the whole world. Love you all. 

Roger: United Kingdom
Was it Jesus? 

My dream/dreams: This happend to me approx 20yrs ago but when you read my experience you will realise why i will never forget.

First dream: I retired to bed on the monday evening about 10pm. I work in the morning, arise early. I fell into a deep sleep.
Suddenly i found myself in a very dark and dismal place, like a wooded area. It was very dark, a film of darkness was over everthing.
In front of me was a figure of a person, but it was transparent and i could see no face as a hood was covering the head area. The face was, as i could see, black.
This figure had a staff and was scrapeing the ground. It spoke to me, not through the mouth, but through the mind, and thoughts.
It said (and i will omit the swear words), "When these plants grow i will be out of here."  I thought, these things arn't going to grow, its to dark.
I felt uneasy, thinking that because i knew my thoughts were being read by this spirit like thing.
I then tried to will myself out of that place, because i didnt like it.  I was scared when i couldnt get out. I was worried until I eventualy woke up in bed at home.
What followed is amazing. That dream, experience, was on Monday, on Tuesday i wasn't sure about going to bed, again; but knew i had to, so off to bed, and nothing happenend.
Second dream: On Wednesday i retired as usual, no problem i thought, oh but there was; I found myself looking down from the sky at dwelling houses.
A voice said to me, "You can enter any of these houses Roger,"  (even knew my name), "you will be made welcome." So i looked at one and in my mind said, this one.
I descended and found myself sitting/kneeling at the end of what could of been a long table. There was a figure standing in front of me who i couldn't look at for long.
Then to my right was a multitude of spirit like beings all expressing with there hands and body movement. It felt good to get closer to them, and i kept trying.
Then I was gently pushed away, (although i didn't want to), but i came to the end of the table, and was falling of the end when a voice spoke, "Its not your time yet Roger." I awoke. 

Hi, I'm 27, and I Don’t recall ever dreaming of Jesus until last night. I dreamed I was actually just boarding a space ship completely convinced I was about to take control of it and do some missions. 

Then randomly Jesus opened a door and I was instructed from an unknown voice or force to follow him. So I do. We enter a room that is on fire but I am not afraid or concerned, for some reason. 
It’s a small room without any type furniture. There is a staircase leading up to another floor. Jesus calmly walks up there to another door to another room. Again I follow. 
I don't remember what the next room was because I woke up at that point, but this was a very profound dream. I Don’t even consider myself religious. What does it mean?

Salinas: United States
I had two dreams: One was my body was lifted up in the air inside my room. I saw above me a circle light with white and yellow colored together. When i looked down i saw red hands reaching out towards me; so i looked down at the hands instead of the light circle ,and then my dream ended.   

In my second dream: I thought i saw god or Jesus Christ because it was an old man and he put his hands behind my shoulders. I felt his hands behind my shoulder and his strength was stronger than my strength. Then i woke up.

Naomi: South Africa
I dreamed I was  standing in a place with green grass and I looked at my hands they were full of oil. I walk towards a house and there were Islam people they were scared looking at me.  

I asked them if I please can use the bathroom to wash my hands and the oil was dripping all over. They did not speak to me and just show me where to go. I wash my hands thank them  and walk outside. There were a lot of clouds like thick grey clouds. 

When I step outside all the clouds turned into these beautiful soft orange and pink clouds; Then I saw Jesus with stretched out arms in the clouds wearing a crimson Red beautiful Robe, and then I woke up. 

Jesus is  coming  soon. He come to deal with all evil very soon His robe dipped in the blood of His enemy. Please turn from all sins. Time is over.

Raymond:United States
Hello I have had 2 dreams of Jesus within the last 3 days.

Dream 1:
I was walking through a giant church like structure and as I walked I came to a wide door with foldable wooden doors on ether side.
As I turned to face the doorway I saw a huge lion standing before and in a flash I grabbed the wooden doors and began closing them slowly and as I did this I said allowed "GO AWAY FOR I DO NOT KNOW YOU," and slammed the doors shut. 
I then turned to walk back the way I came and I saw Jesus sitting in a large chair with many other people sitting with him in the chair.  I put my hand upon his arm and he turned to me and I asked, "How are you today" and I woke up. 
This dream has me worried that I rejected Jesus as the lion, but it is also said that the devil prowls like a lion looking to devour any who cross his path. I'm unsure I will pray tonight over it. thank you for reading.

Dream 2: 
I was standing in a room and I turned to the left and there was Jesus standing before me and the first thing that came into my head was, "In Jesus name Reveal yourself."

He smiled and light all around him got brighter and brighter and brighter, consuming his body. He was so bright I woke up.

I was so surprised when I woke up that I remembered to test the spirits and I'm pretty certain it really was Jesus standing before me.
I will pray on this dream for God to help me understand these dreams better. Thank you for reading. 

Laura : United States
I had a dream back when I was a teenager. I am now 49. I remember the dream very clearly. I was taken up in the clouds by Jesus and I remember the feeling of pure elation, awestruck fear, uncontainable joy and love, and a peace and calmness all at the same time. Since that dream I have had a certain sense of  "knowing" that I will not see my death but my rapture.

Viki: United States
I'm not sure if this is a dream or a vision. I guess it could be both since I wasn't in a deep sleep I could still hear my neighbor upstairs.
Anyway it started out as a huge bible conference called the Promise Line. I was there for about a minute and then I looked to the left and saw a totally white room, and in the room Jesus was kneeling in Prayer. He was dressed in a white robe with a gold corded sash. This vision was so clear like I was there.  
I saw Jesus Stand and a White Dove flew up from looked like his shoulder as he was standing. Then it looked a slide show of pictures of Jesus just flooding in front of my eyes. But it quickly faded because my neighbor upstairs was so loud.
I have no Idea what this means but that vision will be with me the rest of my life it was so totally amazing and Beautiful

Chasity: United States
It was a couple years back and I was sleeping in a house but my room on the back wall was glass. Jesus tapped my glass and I woke up. He said come here child and I went to the glass wall then I was in a sack like a potato sack or something with my sister and an angel was carrying me and her to heaven. Next thing I saw was a bright light with Jesus's shadow

Jen Jasmin: Philippines
I dreamed that I was in a house like the one where Jesus and the apostles were eating the last supper. As I was about to enter I saw that the floor appeared to be in the outer space, and that I was looking on earth.
I saw the clouds and was afraid of falling. On the other side I saw a man wearing a brown coat, and he said, "come, do not look down, just pass over the narrow block and you will get here safe".
So I passed through it, and then he said that he had been waiting for me, and that someone wanted to see me. And he took me to another room where there was a long table with a lot of plates. On the other side of the table were more people wearing the same brown coat, and they were talking.
And the man with me said, "she's here!" And the people stopped and stared at me, and I was amazed, because in the middle of them I saw who I feel was Jesus Christ! I saw his face, it was so peaceful, and I could feel the love, holiness, and the peacefulness on him. And he said to me, "it's okay, everything's gonna alright".
And i ask my self, "why did he say that its gonna be alright, when i am already safe at my home?" And he said, "just step on a large plate on that table and you will go home," but i said "why? I dont want to go, I'm already at home," and he said, "you'll come back if its the right time." I was crying as I stepped on a large plate, because He said that I have to go back home.
As I walked on the plates they became singing angels!, its was loud, yet calm and solemn, and I started to cry again, because I didn't want to go home, I just wanted to stay with him. As I stared back at him, and with a smile I said, "bye-bye," and he said bye-bye.
I walked through what appeared to be a white hole in what seemed to be slow-motion. At the end was a bright light, and the angels were singing, but I forget what they were singing. As I approached the bright light the song was getting lower and lower, and suddenly I woke up!.
The feeling in that moment was intense, and so peaceful and loving. All the goodness we feel is in there! I didn't remembered in my dream that I had sons waiting for me at home, and had even said that I didn't want to go home. My dream of Jesus was the most memorable dream in my entire life, and I will never forget it.

Stacie: United States

I have had many dreams - scary ones and good ones.  Which one should I share with you today?  

From my dreams I know that Jesus fights for us and that the word of God is more powerful then any double edged sword! Hebrew 4:12.  I am no saint, but I have been praying for God's grace on my hearts mistakes to be washed away before Jesus lately.

I accepted Jesus in 2010 and I had this dream that caught me off guard.

I was in a dark room sitting on a bed and I closed my eyes with my head bowed.  I hear footsteps coming and try to open my eyes, but I cannot do so. I try really hard to get my eyes to open.  

A man is praying for me, but I am not paying attention really to what he is saying.  The last thing I hear himsay is, "Father, may she know Me." Then I managed to open a sliver of my eye to see a soft colored golden light radiating from this man who is praying for me. When I awake I am still trying to open my eyes, in reality.

I told my pastor this because I was worried, why would Jesus pray for me in this regard, am I not going to know Him in the end?  

I have had a recent dream that wasn't good at all and now question my standing with Jesus even more to be honest, but God's grace is not without effect when we ask Him for help.   

I have questioned in my heart, why would Jesus pray over me on this regards?  I hope I know and get to love Him in a deeper way. - I know that He is the only one to go to in the time of trouble, doubt, fear, and everything else.

Do not be afraid, because God is bigger then any of your troubles or problems - He will not forsake you even when in doubt.  

I am a person in much doubt and am not super human, but He is always there to strengthen me - Amen.

Florence: Namibia
greetings, I dreamed that we were a big group of Christians and Satan himself with his demons was on earth. they tried to attack us but we were praying the " Our Father " and they could not touch us but when one of us got tired then Satan dragged that person to his side until we were a small group left. we decided to ran and i came to a hill path that was difficult for me to run but i tried. there was someone who was encouraging me from top to try harder. when i reached the top i could not look in his face because the light was all over but i could see his big hand helping me up to the safety and i woke up.

Shaira: Philippines
I dreamt of Jesus. He suddenly appeared at the sky and I was telling everyone that Jesus was up the sky and that Jesus has come again for the second time. I didn't know why I told everyone that it was Jesus' second coming. Then, he suddenly disappeared. kinda weird.

Destiny: United States
I had a dream that I have been hesitating to tell but I just have a urge that I have to.

I opened my eyes and I saw a bright light. I was confused about where I was, but felt like I was at home.

I then saw a figure of a man walking toward me. I squinted my eyes to see who it was, but the sun was too bright. When the figure was closer to me, I saw that it was Jesus.

Realizing who it was I went down to my knees. "My child, you may rise," He said. When I looked up, his arms were spread open as if he was welcoming me to his home.

When I stood he waved me over. I walked to him and he put one of his arms over my shoulders, as if I was his daughter. We stopped In front of a pond with rocks surrounding it. He told me to go on the other side of the small pond, and so I did.

Then he bowed his head and folded his hands, and I did the same. He started praying, but I could not understand the language he was speaking, but it
felt like I did. When he stopped, I pitched in speaking in the same language as he. We both lifted our heads and he smiled at me, as if he was pleased.

"Tell me what you see in the pond." I looked down and  saw that I was wearing some type of armor, with a sword at my hip, and my hair was golden blonde-haired  in a tight bun. Then I looked past my face and I saw golden wings behind me. I took my eyes off the pond and I looked behind me to make sure it was real. And sure enough they were.

Then I turned to Jesus and answered him, "I see myself." He nodded and smiled again. "Now, look again." I did and this time I saw myself in my bed sleeping a peaceful sleep. "I see myself in bed sleeping." He nodded again.

"Correct, Now I want you to tell me the Ten Commandments," so I quoted him the Ten
Commandments, but did not know the creeds. Instead of giving me a smile, he frowned at me with disappointment.

I felt like I wanted to cry but no tears came. And then I was falling, I tried to use my wings but they would not move so I just fell.

Before I hit the ground, I woke up with a jolt, and was very cold. I felt like I was dead, but came back to life. I tried to move but my whole body was numb.

The dream has been nagging at me as if I know what it means, but it felt important. So I started reading the Bible, and pray every night before I go to bed. I just want to know what it means.


Rita: United States
I had a dream about Jesus, it was few years ago," I was looking for my daughter, it was a bright sunny day, I was walking on a dirt road, it was like desert.

I was panicking, and started running up a hill, people were running all over, like middle east (women in scarves and long dresses) men were wearing long material as well. 

All of a sudden an earth quake happened and I started to see big rock buildings collapsing, men in long black robes and weird black hats were scared, and started to fall on their knees.

The whole time I was asking if anyone has seen my daughter but it was like no one understood me, I turned to see a man in long white robe, I started to cry and realized he was JESUS.

I felt OK, and when he lifted his hands my daughter was under His arms." 

I am still not sure what to make of this dream..


Sarah: United States

I had two dreams in the last 2 weeks.

First one was of me in a kitchen that was very bright. I was cutting up a beautiful piece of meat. I kept thinking to myself, this is so beautiful!

Then Jesus spoke from behind me to my right and spoke to satan who was across from me on the left and said, the end is near, it's almost over. It was very matter of fact and I wasn't scare whatsoever.

The second dream was last night 12/08/14, Jesus was teaching me things that were written in beautiful white stones. I'm not sure what the stones said, but they were important. I knew in my dream that there were three lessons, the second lesson, I physically woke up and understood but then quickly fell back to sleep. When I woke up, I couldn't remember what the lessons were.

I somehow knew when I woke up that these lessons are apart of me but they're somehow sealed up in me for the time. This is just the feeling I got, almost an all knowing feeling.

In both dreams, I did not see Jesus but I knew he was there. Both times he was to my right.

I'm wondering what the meat means in my first dream and what the stones and lessons mean in my second. My human nature wants to know so badly but I have a feeling the Lord will reveal these things to me in time.


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